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French Quarter Oyster Crawl...this weekend!

We (2 couples) are headed to New Orleans this weekend, and we have decided to start our visit with an Oyster Crawl, going through the FQ and trying asw many different preparations of oysters as we can find.

Thus far I have:
Acme: raw and chargrilled
Felix: raw
Redfish Grill: BBQ
Mr. B's: Deep fried with bacon horseradish hollandaise
Arnaud's: Bienville, Rockefeller, Kathryn, Ohan, and Suzette
Antoine's: Rockefeller, Thermidor, a la Foch, and Bordelaise
Galatoire's: en brochette, fried
Bourbon House: Fonseca, half shell with caviar
Bobmay Club: Rockefeller
Pelican Club: Baked with bacon, roasted red peppers, parmesan, and garlic
Broussard's: Herbsaint

Anyplace I have left out? Or should leave out? We will be pretty casually dressed, so I am hoping we will be able to sit at the bar in most of these places and dine and dash....I am thinking a few places may have stricter dress codes than we will be able to comply with ( my husband will most likely be wearing jeans).

Thanks! Beth

Galatoire's Restaurant
209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

701 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

Pelican Club Restaurant & Bar
312 Exchange Alley, New Orleans, LA 70130

Bourbon House
144 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. cant leave out chargrilled from Drago's in the Hilton. swap out for the ACME.

    sounds awesome!

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    1. re: kibbles

      I agree wtih Kibbles. Dragos chargrilled oysters are not to be missed and I'm not even an oyster fan.

    2. Desire at the Sonesta for raw.
      get a 6 pck of Rock at Galatorie's to go along w/the en brochette

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      1. re: edible complex

        Thanks! I have added these to my (growing list)...we are so excited!

      2. Royal House, corner St.Louis and Royal, they have an oyster bar, and do something baked I think. You should do the Hermes Bar instead of Antoines, much easier, make sure to keep score and report back. ch

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        1. re: CharlieH

          Yes to Hermes Bar, we tried their Oysters Rock, and they were different than any previous Oysters Rock we have had. Different in a great way, kind of creamy?

          1. re: Okcfind

            It sounds to me as though you had the Real McCoy..there is only One Original.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              Will do! I will give a full report upon return....

            2. re: Okcfind

              The different texture in Antoine's version (the orginal) would be from the lack of spinach.

          2. Just got back and can concur with getting raw oysters at Felix. They were excellent!

            1. Luke has 25 cent P&J oysters every day from 3-6..AND half price drinks! The service is slow but it's worth it cause the oysters are incredible and for such a great price!

              1. If you want to try an oyster po'boy, try Johnny's in the quarter. However, I would venture out to mid city (on the Canal st streetcar) and get my po'boy from Parkway Tavern.

                1. Desire had the best oysters in my opinion. Their charbroiled oysters was the highlight of my trip!

                  1. I went on the Oyster Crawl with the New Orleans Culinary History Tour. Word of advice: scratch the Thermidor at Antoine's. Possibly the worst insult to oysters I've ever eaten. Ketchup-y "cocktail" sauce and flaccid bacon broiled on an oyster. Blech. I wasn't crazy about the Rockefeller, either (I know, I know -- treason!) The Redfish Grill's "BBQ" oyster is basically given Buffalo-wing treatment -- a pile of fried oysters doused in a honey/hot sauce sauce, splattered with blue cheese crumbles. Not bad, but sort of a mean thing to do to good Gulf oysters. You may as well eat chicken wings.

                    I'll second Desire, too. The Oysters Desire was one of the better baked/broiled oysters on the tour.

                    Maybe add Casamento's and Pascal's Manale? PM's oyster bar is one of my favorite places for a dozen or so raw. They're not in the FQ, but if you're still hungry and capable of driving (or just cab it), these are quintessential spots.

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                    1. re: meremortal

                      thats funny, RFG's BBQ oysters are one of my favorites. its actually a Crystal + butter sauce, drizzled with imported stilton blue cheese and a light bed of arugula -- far cry from the slop served on and with most buffalo wings.

                        1. re: uptownlibrarian

                          read as "imported stilton-blue-cheese" (a sub-type clarification of the base blue-cheese), not "imported stilton".

                          stilton is a type of blue cheese; (imported) stilton blue chesee is better than, say, the domestic sysco crap labeled "blue cheese" sold with most buffalo wings in bars & restaurants across the country.

                          yet i think you knew about the cheese, leaving only your misunderstanding of the sentence structure. so why be sarcastic? little point in being snarky on here....

                          1. re: kibbles

                            Snark directed toward ridiculous, overly wordy menu descriptions, not you. I read that as something that you had copied straight from the RFG menu? Guess not.

                            1. re: uptownlibrarian

                              yeah like all my posts, those were my words. i think its funny that you claim its "overly wordy" considering the nature of the posts in this forum.

                              but really, who decided you were the authority on which food descriptions are ridiculous or delicious sounding? because youre a librarian? riiiight.

                              leave the snark at home, buddy. nobody needs or desires your approval.

                              1. re: kibbles

                                who dat?!?
                                I love oysters and I love blue cheeses, but not together.

                                1. re: edible complex

                                  As do I EC, but that who dat comment has resulted in the NFL sending you a cease and desist, you can't just go about using their property.

                      1. re: meremortal

                        Hi All....original poster here. I never did go on the aforementioned Oyster Crawl, the men in our group nixed the idea ...so we are leaving them home on our next trip, in just a couple of weeks! We are really excited to finally execute this plan, and are committed to updating fellow CHers via iphone at each destination. As you may imagine, the next weeks will be filled with planning our attack, so keep the suggestions coming!

                        1. re: betheroo

                          Drago's in the Hilton for chargrilled. We did 2 dozen last time. It was the Saturday of the Saint's first play off game and the place was packed with local Saint's fans. It was like going to a huge tailgate party and every table had a least one dozen chargrilled.

                          1. re: vedjohns

                            After reading through, I'm not sure if the official Oyster Crawl or doing one on your own is better. Any opinions? More fun with a large group of people you don't know or 2 couples traveling together? Also any suggestions on not to miss dining and other experiences?