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Nov 16, 2009 03:25 PM

Sunnyside Pizzeria

Hello all,

So I'm on my way home and notice this little hole in the wall place...reminds me of pizza place in Brooklyn I used to go to. I have to say, it's not half bad. The place is small and the menu is small, but compared to these other places that call themselves pizzeria's, this place is a step above. I chatted it up with the owner for a bit...they are from Gravesend, Brooklyn. I ordered a plain slice just to have a baseline...liked it enough to get another to go. This place is just off 40th street and queens blvd.

Sunnyside Pizzeria
4001A Queens Blvd.

Has anyone else checked it out?

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  1. I'm shocked no one else has posted about this place. I haven't gone in because it's so tiny, and there doesn't appear to be seating. Still, I'm very curious. Decent pizza in the 'hood would be a miracle.

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      Marchini's - 48th st just south of the LIE. I think i mentioned it in that other sunnyside pizza sucks post. It's a top notch slice. Joe's on Carmine is my 10, I'd give this place an 8.5 for the standard slice, grandma might be the best I've had and this is the only place I order white pizza.

      I work over here and I think it's mostly lunch, there are almost no houses south of LIE. Anyway if ur a UPS delivery guy you already know the place. Otherwise if you need a fix it's worth a walk or a short drive.

      Address says maspeth, but I work 2 blocks away along the cemetary and im considered LIC/Sunnyside. It could also be the tip of woodside too. Anyway try it if ur around.

      Marchini Homestyle
      54-30 48th St, Queens, NY 11378

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        Thanks for the recommendations, 2slices, but how bout the OP here? We need YOU to check out the place on Queens Blvd, that seems to be the topic.
        It would be nice if Sunnyside had a pizzaria worth walking to, and I don't mean walking to the Maspeth industrial zone between the cemetery and the LIE.

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        My wife and I got a pie delivered from them the other day. We live in sunnyside gardens and usually order from Peppino's, but they closed (hopefully not for good). Anyway, although we will still prefer Peppino's if they reopen, we were quite happy with our pizza. We ordered a "Nonna" pie, which was what I would normally call a grandma pie- square, with fresh sauce, fresh mozzarella, lots of chopped garlic and fresh basil. The one thing that was different was they used sesame seeds on the crust. Not sure if they do that on all pies, and although a traditionalist might cringe, I thought that was a tasty addition.

        All and all, it is the best non-Peppino's pizza I've had in the pizzeria waste land that is Sunnyside. I think this is our new go to spot.

      3. I've stopped by and ordered from Sunnyside Pizzeria several times and have been pretty impressed so far. In an area without a great (or even good) pizza joint this place is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. It's especially nice to have a place where you can grab a decent slice as you step out of the subway (though it looks like it will get competition on the south side of QB judging from a sign now hanging in the former pharmacy that occupied that space).

        The only gripe I have with Sunnyside Pizzeria is that the default crust comes with sesame seeds on the outside. We simply ask that they not put the seeds on the crust when we order now but it's something to note if a sesame seed pizza crust ain't your thing.

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          Tried the Nonna today myself; it was very good. True, they have sesame seeds on the crust, but I think that is a nice touch. Thank God! Pizza in Sunnyside.