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Feb 17, 2005 09:53 AM

Houstons, Vegetarian Options

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I am going to Houston's this weekend for a family dinner, does anyone know if they have any vegetarian options beside the horrid vegetable sandwich I had the last time? I tried to get a peak at their menu
on-line but they don't have it posted on their website.

Thanks in Advance

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  1. They have a veggie burger that is supposed to be good and they are very good about letting you mix up whatever vegetable side dishes they have available that day.

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    1. re: Ernie

      As someone who regularly orders the veggie burger at Houston's, I feel I should comment. I don't know if the vegetable sandwich the OP was writing about was the veggie burger, but I quite like the burger while recognizing that it is an unusual beast. The burger is beet red and clearly has beets as part of the mix. It is also a knife and fork experience (at least for me)--just too unwieldy to eat as a pick-it-up sandwich. The burger is clearly not bought, but rather concocted in their kitchen and it includes a higher vegetable content that the standard oat/mushroom/cheese mixes.

      Also, Houstons is flexible about how they serve the burger. Once, a server told me she loved the veggie burger with the set up from a different (meat) burger --that one had avocado. So, they made it for me that way.

      When it is artichoke season, they do a very nice roasted artichoke. I often order that as a side dish to accompany the burger (which also comes with one veggie).

      1. re: igj

        I too am a fan of the veggie burger. I want to point out that it does look beet-y, but does not taste so - this is a big deal for me as I cannot stand beets and can detect even the barest trace of beet residue.

        But is is excellent, as are their sides - rice and beans, grilled artichoke, any seasonal veggies, fries!

    2. I know they have a veggie burger. I don't know about anything ele. The sides are often quite good and they do a very nice grilled artichoke. Ask about it if it isn't on the menu.

      1. Houston's does have a Thai spicy salad which is mostly noodles (not lettuce) which is very good and can be made without the chicken. (And their loaded baked potato is almost a meal in and of itself!)

        1. They have a vegetable plate from the entree section of the menu that has been excellent every time I've tried it. The vegetables vary depending on the season and the particular Houston's location.

          1. My favorite dish at Houston's is the Evil Thai Jungle Salad. It has Mangoes, Avocado, Lettuce, Noodles amongst other things in a lime-type dressing that usually comes with steak, but I am sure that you can ask them to omit it.