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Houstons, Vegetarian Options

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I am going to Houston's this weekend for a family dinner, does anyone know if they have any vegetarian options beside the horrid vegetable sandwich I had the last time? I tried to get a peak at their menu
on-line but they don't have it posted on their website.

Thanks in Advance

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  1. They have a veggie burger that is supposed to be good and they are very good about letting you mix up whatever vegetable side dishes they have available that day.

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      As someone who regularly orders the veggie burger at Houston's, I feel I should comment. I don't know if the vegetable sandwich the OP was writing about was the veggie burger, but I quite like the burger while recognizing that it is an unusual beast. The burger is beet red and clearly has beets as part of the mix. It is also a knife and fork experience (at least for me)--just too unwieldy to eat as a pick-it-up sandwich. The burger is clearly not bought, but rather concocted in their kitchen and it includes a higher vegetable content that the standard oat/mushroom/cheese mixes.

      Also, Houstons is flexible about how they serve the burger. Once, a server told me she loved the veggie burger with the set up from a different (meat) burger --that one had avocado. So, they made it for me that way.

      When it is artichoke season, they do a very nice roasted artichoke. I often order that as a side dish to accompany the burger (which also comes with one veggie).

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        I too am a fan of the veggie burger. I want to point out that it does look beet-y, but does not taste so - this is a big deal for me as I cannot stand beets and can detect even the barest trace of beet residue.

        But is is excellent, as are their sides - rice and beans, grilled artichoke, any seasonal veggies, fries!

    2. I know they have a veggie burger. I don't know about anything ele. The sides are often quite good and they do a very nice grilled artichoke. Ask about it if it isn't on the menu.

      1. Houston's does have a Thai spicy salad which is mostly noodles (not lettuce) which is very good and can be made without the chicken. (And their loaded baked potato is almost a meal in and of itself!)

        1. They have a vegetable plate from the entree section of the menu that has been excellent every time I've tried it. The vegetables vary depending on the season and the particular Houston's location.

          1. My favorite dish at Houston's is the Evil Thai Jungle Salad. It has Mangoes, Avocado, Lettuce, Noodles amongst other things in a lime-type dressing that usually comes with steak, but I am sure that you can ask them to omit it.

            1. I realize this thread is two years old, but I just went to Houston's again last night and LOVED it. I'm a vegetarian, and I can't get enough of this place. I love the veggie burger, but you do have to know it's not your standard veggie burger.

              We ordered a grilled artichoke for an appetizer, which was served with a yogurt dill dip. It was divine - perfectly charred and tasty.

              I had curried corn and white beans as my side. I am never let down by their vegetable sides. This corn was clearly fresh and the "curry" (that's what the waitress called it - I'm not sure what exactly went in it) perfectly complemented the sweetness.

              Other than the veggie burger and the sides, I'm not sure if they ahve many other veggie choices. In my opinion, they don't need more choices, though. What I've had is so good I'd gladly go back and order the same thing (but maybe switch out for whatever the current seasonal veggie is).

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                i second everything you say here.
                i'm a pescatarian, but when at houstons i'll always order the veggie burger and their great vegetables.
                everything i've ever ordered there has been prepared well.

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                  I'm no longer vegetarian, but the seasonal vegetable plate if often my choice there because it's typically so good. It's probably especially great right now with all the summer vegetables coming in.

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                  as a vegetarian i have had the seasonal vegetable plate entree a few times and it has always been good

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                    The fries with their house garlic buttermilk ranch for dipping are divine (and vegetarian). I'm also a pescatarian and often order the sushi salad entrees. Very refreshing in the summertime.

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                      They have a really good salad--Evil Jungle Thai (or something like that). It has steak in it, but maybe you can ask to have them hold that.

                      1. re: Evan G

                        they'll sub gardenburger out for steak if you ask!

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                          Houston's doesn't have a GardenBurger, just their own homemade veggie patty. The Evil Salad is now called the Thai salad, and while you can have them hold the meat, it would be a very special request to have them put the veggie burger in there instead. If they don't do it, I wouldn't be surprised. Also, that just doesn't sound very good.

                          All Houston's are different, but typically the veggie platter will have something like all of the selections of the daily fresh veggies (3 or so), cous cous, spring rolls, etc. It's sort of a mish-mash of whatever they have that's vegetarian.

                          And yes, you can add grilled onions, cheese, avocado, your preference of lettuce, bacon, etc. to whatever sandwich you like. If it's on the menu, you can substitute it. They don't even charge for it.

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                            I didn't mean to imply that they offered *the* GardenBurger, and whether it tastes good or not, I can't say, but I was just trying to give the OP another option.

                3. The Houston's Veggie Burger is NOT VEGETARIAN! I have a close friend who works there and they put a glaze on the burger that contains FISH oil. They seem to think it is not a big deal and technically they can claim that the misleading name is short for vegetable burger, not vegetarian burger. I think this type of equivocation is unfair, and they should make a note of it specifically on the menu. Ask your server about the glaze. You can get the burger without it. ALSO, the ketchup is not vegetarian. It contains anchovies. If you eat at Houston's it is safe to just ask. The servers are trained to know every ingredient in each of the menu items.

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                    I contacted their headquarters and have been assured that the vegetarian burger is 100% vegetarian and contains no fish products of any kind. They said that the ketchup is not vegetarian, but it is only provided with the burger on request. Whew!!!

                    1. re: seth12

                      Your friend is wrong, Seth. It's a soy glaze, not a fish glaze. I also worked there.

                    2. I have unintentionally and temporarily become a vegetarian while pregnant (can't stand meat), and one of the first things I thought of is how much I want to go to Houstons and order their cauliflower (comes in a curry mustard sauce with cashews), and their roasted artichoke with remoulade, and a baked potato.

                      1. This is the best restaurant in the Orlando area by far! I recently became vegetarian, but before I would order the roasted chicken sandwich. I was disappointed when they discontinued it, and instead replaced it with the Biltmore, a grilled chicken sandwich. I am not overly picky, just there is a huge difference. I guess that doesn't matter now since I am vegetarian. I am looking forward to getting their veggie burger and seasonal vegetable plate. There's so many restaurants I will not dine at because their vegetables are unacceptable, such as Toojays...who microwaves their veggies, among many others. I have yet to try the veggie burger, but since I am a beet lover, I am sure I will enjoy it. Beets w/ goat cheese is also great, when you make a salad out of the 2 and combine them, it makes a bright fuscia concoction....people think I am nuts for eating it, but wow it's good. It doesn't hurt to be a little eccentric in your eating habits, it's very fun. Bon apetit...

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                          Franny, the Houston's near me did away with the Biltmore a few months ago and went to a chicken breast (pulled off the rotisserie chicken) instead of the flat-ish typical chicken breast. It has 1000 island, arugula, and cheese (I think.) Is this like the old one you enjoyed? I'm not sure if they have all done this, but I know in Southern California, there's no more Biltmores.

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                            My chain was, alas, the last to pull the Biltmore off the menu and it was replaced with the Rotisserie chicken. Such a shame!!! The Biltmore was so simple, comforting and WONDERFUL. I've been trying to get the recipe for the marinade....I know it has white wine and butter. We used to go there all the time for the sole purpose of getting a Biltmore (okay, and a fresh squeezed screwdriver as well), but since its off the menu we've only been back a couple of times. The Hawaiian Ribeye is good, but I was personally dissappointed with the prime rib. (I am somewhat of a prime rib afficionatto.)

                            Will someone out there PLEASE come to your senses and bring the Biltmore back?!?!

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                              I live in Pompano Beach Florida and there is a Houston's at the end of my street... supposedly the busiest location in Florida. Every time I go there the featured vegetable is red bell peppers. Yuk! I envy those of you who get all those great sounding sides! They did serve brocolini sauteed in garlic butter some time back then discontinues it for cost reasons. :(