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Nov 16, 2009 03:13 PM


Has anyone tried the macaroons at Sucre? I am devoted to La Divina and Brocato's and have never stepped foot into Sucre.

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  1. The macarons are quite good, and Sucre is about the only place in the area you'll find a real French macaron.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      the bakery inside Roosevelt does a near clone of the ones found at Sucre.

    2. Sadly, the macaroons at Sucre do not compare to Laduree but they are certainly not bad. Instead I go for the fabulous chocolate drinks, the gelato and the magnificent chocolates.

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      1. re: mikey

        Good macarons for stateside, but why in God's name do they insist on calling them macaroons (with two "o"s)??? Macaroon: a sweet food made either with coconut and egg white or with a coarse almond paste formed into a dense cookie or confection. Often confused (due to the very similar spelling) with the French Macarons which are entirely different in tatse and appearance. But there's no reason for a place like Sucre to make that mistake (unless they just think Americans are hopelessly stupid!)

          1. re: Nellysfordfoodie

            Larousse Gastronomique spells it with two O's. Laduree uses two O's on its english page but one O on its French page. Apparently, the double O is just an english spelling. It appears either spelling is correct.

            I like the macaroons at Sucre.