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Nov 16, 2009 03:02 PM

beer glass as a gift

I've been thinking of getting my husband some nice beer glasses as a gift. He has recently been getting into more Belgian, sour, and barrel aged beers. I came across these

Should I keep looking?

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  1. Those are a great choice.

    1. How about picking up a couple of the Duvel gift packs? Comes with 4 bottles and a tulip glass.

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        Thanks for the suggestion, I was hoping to get several glasses in a set - but I will check out the gift pack. Thanks!

        1. re: oaklandfoodie

          The set of glasses you found on Amazon are nicer than the freebies you get in gift packages.

      2. If money is not an issue it would be nice to add another style of glass for some variety.

        I have collected all different styles of glassware. After a while you end up with your favorites. I have two, one is the tulip anatomically it sits in your hand nicely and is great for hugging when a beer is served too cold and you need to warm it up.

        The other glass I like to use especially when sharing a nice bottle is the Reidel tumblers.

        Either way your hubby will be happy with your first choice . It's very thoughtful of you to buy him something beer related as a gift.

        1. Those look nice. I lived in Belgium and every beer has its own glass. One glass my hubby has loved and likes to show people is the one for Kwak. I found it online at this site. He might like it :)

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            I found the taller glass on a site where you can personalize the glass:

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              Usually for serious beer geeks what you want is a glass that has something like a tulip shape - a narrower opening at the top as opposed to wider, and a place to hold the glass where the heat from one's hand won't transfer easily to the beer. The half-yard style is really more like a novelty that bars use to give frat guys the idea that they can get look manly by guzzling a large amount of low-quality macro swill.

              The glasses the OP found on Amazon are kind of a textbook example of a good beer tasting glass.