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Desserts - NO fruit, chocolate, or pie

My brother-in-law is a very picky eater and doesn't like fruit, chocolate, or pies. My sister doesn't want to leave him out when it comes to holiday desserts. Any ideas other than peanut butter fudge?

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  1. Cake, and he probably doesn't like cookies if he doesn't like pie so cake and pumpkin steamed with brown sugar cinnamon and nutmeg
    it sound weird but thats what we've made for years

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      I was thinking of a combination of your two desserts, fabian--i.e., maybe a spice cake? Seems fallish to me and the spices one would use would align with the seasonings we typically feature at Thanksgiving.

    2. This Muscovado ice cream is sensational and really easy to do. http://www.indiatree.com/recipes/othe...

      I drizzle it with layers of espresso fudge sauce and crumbled shortbread cookies as I put it in an airtight container to harden up. You could also do the same thing in a parfait glass at serving time. Oops! I see chocolate is out too. No prob! The ice cream is really delicious enough to hold up on its own and you could serve it with sugar cookies or shortbread.

      If you can't find Muscovado sugar (for some reason I'm finding it hard to locate this year myself) dark brown sugar will do just as well.

      1. Wow, someone who doesn't like fruit or chocolate, my two favorite food groups.... hard to fathom, but there are plenty of great dessert options.

        My first thought was creme caramel or creme brulee. There are also lots of delicious non-chocolate cakes, like genoise, or nut tortes. Or vanilla souffle. Or, if you want to go down home, gingerbread cake with fresh whipped cream.

        And an apple pie for me :)

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          I second gingerbread cake with caramellized pears or apples (he doesn't get any) and caramel sauce

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            I was thinking along the same lines. Maybe a pumpkin creme brulee or creme caramel.

            I like the pumpkin or eggnog panna cotta ideas that Christina and maxie suggested too.

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              Or rice pudding?? How can you not like chocolate or fruit?? Wow. Can't imagine life without either.

            2. pumpkin or eggnog panna cotta with cookies

              1. Homemade cinnamon ice cream. Besides, if he doesn't like it, chances are good that it will go well with the desserts that you make for everyone else (like apple pie). Is he this challenging with all courses, or is it just dessert?

                1. My initial response was to let him suffer without dessert! High maintenance eaters are frustrating. Then I thought of souffles or a lemon custard or what about fruit and cheese plates? Does he eat cheese, with a nice port?

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                    If he can't handle "fruit" or chocolate, what makes you think he would like a nice wedge of stinky cheese and some Port?? LOL!

                  2. Cheesecake (my favorite dessert, better yet chocolate cheesecake lol!) What about a sweet potato poundcake drizzled with a brown sugar, cinnamon & pecan glaze?

                    1. Angel food cake. You could serve it with a small pitcher of ganache or caramel, a bowl of lemon curd and/or a bowl of fruit for everyone else to garnish as they wish. And he can have it plain. A homemade angel food cake can be tasty and lighter than air so it doesn't add weight to a rich holiday meal.

                      Or shortbread or biscotti are nice with coffee. Again, a ganache or caramel or white chocolate dipping sauce as an option would make it richer for those who want to indulge.

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                        I like the shortbread or biscotti w/coffee idea.

                      2. Second the recs for Bread or Rice Pudding.

                        If he'll do cake, then there's a host of options... Tres Leches Cake, Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread,

                        Pumpkin Fritters? or is this too close to pie...

                        Cannolis (so not T-day...)

                        English Toffee with some vanilla ice cream

                        Does he like peanut butter? Perhaps just a Peanut Butter Sauce to go over ice cream...

                        Or some sort of peanut butter bavarian...

                        Maple Charlotte

                        1. How about eggnog panna cotta?

                          1. Floating Island. Perfectly fitting -- he can be alone on his island while everyone else is chowing down on pie and chocolate.

                            1. I make a coffee tortoni that is simple to make ahead and yet a special treat. I usually sprinkle some slivered almonds on top, but if he likes peanut butter maybe that's OK. It makes about a dozen in the aluminum cupcake holders, so sort of festive too.

                              1. sweet potato souflle--the ny times had an amazing recipe last year and it was quite a hit (I made it less low fat than they recommended by subbing sour cream for some of the yogurt)

                                1. How does he feel about strawberry mousse? Banana pudding? Caramel flan? Cookies or cake? If he's that picky that he won't eat ANY of the above, he deserves to miss out...

                                    1. Peppermint cupcakes, some with vanilla icing and crushed peppermints, some with chocolate for the normal people. Or peppermint ice cream or cookies.

                                      I like all the eggnog, gingerbread, and pumpkin ideas too. I've made EASY eggnog cookies - basically sugar cookies, topped with nutmeg before cooking, then topped with vanilla icing that you've mixed nutmeg in. These are always a hit with my husband's family.

                                      As someone else suggested, if none of these work for him, I wouldn't knock myself out over it.

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                                        I agree if your sister is that concerned let her make his dessert. I really don't think it is too much to ask if you are doing all the other cooking! I've said it before on other posts and I'll say it again. It is hard enough dealing with food allergies when you have a crowd without other peoples likes and dislikes. I have a in law that told everyone he was allergic to pineapple. So we were all very careful not to make anything with pineapple only to find out he wasn't allergic at all. He just didn't like pineapple. Guess what was for dessert at our next family gathering...pineapple upside down cake. I think we made our point. Now I could see if it was one thing but he is really limiting you and punishing your other guests.