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Nov 16, 2009 01:56 PM

Ham I Am (Dallas)

Has anyone ever purchase a ham from this local provider - Ham I Am? They're a small catalog order place, but have a small store-front just north of Campbell between Hillcrest and Preston. I remember hearing of them a number of years ago and then again, about a month ago. Just wondering if anyone has tried them and if so, are they good (tasting and quality) hams.

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  1. I've never tried any of their products, but they have a 10% discount code for orders over $75.

    I came across one review written back in '05 from According to the reviewer, the Ozark Trails Original Hickory Smoked Ham was one of the best they've ever eaten. More info here:

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      1. Good ham! I bought a "mini" yesterday. Had to let it thaw, but just had a slice with a spread of creole mustard. mmmmmm..... Salt cured and hickory smoked, the flavors are very, very mild. I'm thinking ham and eggs for dinner tonight.

        As to the Peppered Ham, I tasted it and while also very good, my preferences are to save the intensity of that amount of pepper for beef or fresh pork.

        You will pay smokehouse prices - $22 for the 2 lb. mini, but to me, it's worth it as an occasional treat. If you are interested in buying any of their products from the Dallas office (avoids shipping), call ahead to make sure they have it on hand as their smoke house is in Arkansas.

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          Having now eaten a much larger slice, it was still great while I was eating, but I find that it leaves an aftertaste that I don't find pleasant.

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            Is it that clove-like chemical taste that you often get with ham?

            1. re: Scagnetti

              Definitely an artificial taste of some type.