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Nov 16, 2009 01:52 PM


I would like to purchase an assortment of chutneys for a family member who vacationed in the Caribbean and fell in love with the wonderful assortments they offered. Does anyone know of a place in the Boston/Metrowest area where I could purchase these? Or a good spot online? Thanks.

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  1. Virginia Chutney Company,

    The best I've EVER tasted! The woman who makes them lived in the Carribean for awhile, ans she has a great spice repetoire...You can get them at lots of Whole Foods, too...Get the Hot Peach and Spicy Plum, for sure...

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      Yep - I made the mistake of sampling this one day when the company was presenting at my local Whole Foods, and now I'm addicted to the Spicy Plum chutney. It's just fabulous. I use it to make Curried Chicken Salad, and it's ruined me for any other version of chicken salad. I also love it on toast, with pork, or just by the spoonful. I wish I had some with me at work now!