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Nov 16, 2009 12:54 PM

Help with Quebec City restaurants for a family duing Christmas

We are going to QC for Christmas vacation while our house is under construction and are looking for suggestions of some great restaurants for Xmas eve, Xmas day, and a few days thereafter. We would enjoy cozy, Quebecoise for Xmas eve. Our kids are 9 & 12, so not little, well behaved are are, thankfully, beyond chicken fingers.

FOr the rest of the week, we will be joined by firends with slightly more boisterous kids, and budget is a factor. Any other recommendations for great breakasts, lunches, dinners, cafe/cocoa stops would be great. We prefer non-touristy, unless it's a great place anyway or particularly fun for kids. For example, I am sure my kids would think the Chateau Frontenac is cool, but is the food any good? Is it overpriced?

We will also be going to Valcartier for a day trio so anything near there would also be good.

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  1. the standard issue cozy Quebecois would be Aux Anciens Canadiens

    you know about the toboggan ride at the Ch. Frontenac? kids love it

    Aux Anciens Canadiens
    34 Rue Saint-Louis, Quebec, QC G1R3Z1, CA

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      When you come across Aux Anciens Canadiens, run for your life in the opposite direction. Substandard food at a way too expensive price point.

      Aux Anciens Canadiens
      34 Rue Saint-Louis, Quebec, QC G1R3Z1, CA

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        Yes, I read about the toboggan ride and I am sure we will be doing that.

      2. I'd look at Le Buffet de l'Antiquaire for Quebecois food. It really isn't a fancy restaurant, more like an old-school diner. It's noisy, kind of rough around the edges, but I always find it fun. It's really not expansive so even though you hate it, you can just forget about it and move on. Try the Cipaille, a traditionnal Quebecois dish made of pork and beef.

        I'd steer clear of Les Anciens Canadiens, never had any enjoyable experience there. You could try booking a table at Le Lapin Sauté, a small French restaurant in the Petit-Champlain, oldest street in the city. Not a place for boisterous kids though.

        For a very inexpensive and enjoyable meal, I always suggest Le Carthage Express wich serve excellent Tunisian food. Nothing fancy there but everyone will find something to their liking. Close from there, you can go down the hill to try smoked meat sandwiches at Brynd's.

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          On the subject of cipaille, it struck me one day, whilst reading Patrick O'Brian, that cipaille is simply 'sea pie' ... it's a British naval dish that came back with the Québécois men who went to sea. Which makes the dish even more interesting in my eyes.