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Nov 16, 2009 12:42 PM

Solo Foodie Travelers in Europe to Join for Culinary Adventures

Dear Foodie Friends,

I find myself in Switzerland for an undefined amount of time.

I’m starting this thread, to see if there are others who want to join on culinary adventures and excursions in Europe. I don’t need to explain the pleasures of sharing opinions about taste, drawing parallels with other experiences, and the obvious, being able to order more off the menu....

My first two weekends in Europe were marked by a trip to Alsace for Muscat d’Alsace, wash rind cheese, torche aux marron, a solid dining experience at Winstub Brenner in Colmar with first ever taste of potimarron, a visit to a benedictine Monastery in the Urner Alps for their monastic cheese, and more cheese in Bernese Oberland.

I have tastes that run the gamut from local specialties/finds to culinary flights of fancy at Michelin Star restaurants.

I will continue my culinary epic in Europe, but would not be opposed to company, organizing excursions, and ideas for solo food travelers to join groups based on crushing grapes, aging cheese, eating slowly, pressing olives, tapping maple, curing hams, chef’s tables, kitchen tours, farm stays, etc.

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  1. wow, this sounds fantastic. unfortunatelly, i will not be able to join you. however, if you make your way to prague some day, send me a mail and we might meet for some joint exploring. if you are interested, pm me :-)

    1. nibbleworthy,

      how long will you be in Europe?
      I would love to join you on any one of your culinary adventures.

      where shall we start?

      1. The Alsace part sounds terrific. How'd you find out about those places and how'd you get around the area?

        1. How wonderful. Hope your explorations are going well.

          i'll be in Prague and then Vienna for a few days by myself at the end of May/early June, and noticed this post.

          Come to Prague for the fringe! Although it sounds like there's more pizza than Czech specialties.

          Today's NY Times has a lovely article in its frugal traveler series about dining in homes in Italy.

          Made me wonder if there are other (semi-organized) opportunities like this in Europe: