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Nov 16, 2009 11:31 AM

Anyone tried the new Milagro on Queen West yet?

Missing Coca!
Has anyone had a chance to try the new Milagro on Queen West yet?


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  1. I went to Milagro on Queen West this past saturday night (Nov.21) for a late dinner. Overall disappointed esp. considering how many great things I've heard of Milagro on this site. We ordered a Mojito and Margarita Milagro to start - both drinks were tasty but didn't have very much zing in them.. the drinks were just way too huge for the amount of booze that was in them.. my margarita had barely of flavour of tequila and cointreau - it tasted mostly of lime juice and sugar. Ordered a pitcher of Sangria afterwards.. this was also tasty but overloaded on soda.

    Moving on to the food - we ordered to guacamole to share as an app. While the chips appeared house made and were quite tasty and crunchy the guac was very very chunky, and trust me while I don't mind a little bit of chunkiness this was so extreme that we couldn't manage to get any of the guac onto the chips! Add to that that the menu indicated that the guac was a little spicy and the version served to us was actually almost completely bland.

    For mains we shared the chicken tacuba enchilada and the sauteed pulpos (octopus) Enchiladas were served lukewarm, barely baked on the inside with lukewarm green salsa poured on top. While I could see the promise of this dish, overall it was just bad. The octopus was served hot and was the tastiest of what we ate - the accompanying rice was the best part of the entire meal, spicy and flavourful. The octopus itself was good, the only drawback was how oily it was.

    Finished with a scoop of chocolate ice cream that was quite good.

    Saving grace of the restaurant: The Service! Out waitress was very nice and attentive. I had mentioned to her at the end of the meal that the enchiladas weren't warm but that we ate them and so not to worry. She ended up taking off our guac, enchiladas and gave us dessert on the house. Very unexpected! While we rather would have gladly paid full price for an excellent meal this was a nice gesture. Another nice touch of the night was that we were sitting near the front of the restaurant and near to the end of my meal I started getting a little chilly and had put my jacket on, one of the owners was in the restaurant at the time and notice this and so encouraged us to move closer to the back of the restaurant which was a very kind gesture.

    At the end of the day we would go back to Milagro but maybe try the uptown or mercer st location to compare.

    - jo

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      Totally agree with you Jo....we popped in just for margaritas and a snack. Margariitas were good - we had the traditional lime on the rocks, and then I tried the lime/orange one - very tasty but not strong at all.
      The Guacamole is superior at the Mercer street location - not sure if it's the time of year where the avocados are out of season - but I kept adding salt to give it some seasoning. Very bland, not spicey - needed a squirt of lime and some jajapeno. I said to my partner that I wanted to jump into the kitchen to show them how to make it.
      Great service, very friendly.

    2. Having never been to the original Milagro, we finally tried the Queen West location this week.

      The star of the show was the appetizer, a tuna civiche, spicy with lots of lime zip, made with great firm nuggets of sushi-quality tuna. I would eat this any day.

      The mains were much less impressive. The mole chicken was a frustrating experience: the mole sauce itself was delicious, complex and flavourful, but it was served with overcooked, dry chicken breast. What a wasted platform for that great sauce. The side rice was adequate but had no discernible flavour: I just used it as a mole-delivery vehicle, eating around the teeth-squeaking chicken. For $20 I have to declare it the most overpriced chicken breast I've ever had that wasn't served by a wedding caterer.

      My wife's carnita main was better but also somewhat disappointing, mainly because the enormous mound of pulled pork was also very dry. There was no sign of the promised "confit" texture, nor any flavour to speak of. Combined with build-it-yourself taco fixings (tortillas, cilantro, onions, chipotle sauce) created a reasonable facsimile of the real thing, but I would recommend the carnitas at Tacos Al Pastor in Kensington any day -- still overpriced there, but at least they are much more delicious than the Milagro rendition.

      Overall, Milagro Queen West was a disappointment, especially in light of the (mostly) good things I'd read about the original location. Food that is marginally better than your average Toronto tex-mex fare at three times the price does not make for money well spent. The saving grace was the service, which was friendly and helpful, but it's unlikely I'd return here for anything more than ceviche and drinks.

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        We went to Milagro on Queen St last week - I think it was Wednesday. They had a special on beer and las botanas so we just made a meal of apps, mostly the taquitos because they were the easiest to share among the 4 adults. My son loved the quesadillas. We were very happy with everything, the stand out was a fantastic rib eye taquito. The special worked very well for us. I prefer to try lots of little things, I hate the big mound of rice and salad filler that usually comes with Mexican restaurant main dishes. Service was excellent.

      2. We went there on Monday night.

        I had the "Enchilada Monday special" (Enchiladas Rojas and a beer for $12.99)...i too thought it was just ok-a bit luke warm, flavour of the sauce seemed a bit off. That being said, for the special price it wasn't so bad but not sure i would be so happy about it had i paid the normal $18 for just the Enchiladas (+the beer on top).

        The salsa that came with our chips was also insanely chunky-like, fork and knife chunky. It didnt taste bad, but was hard to eat.

        My GF had the fish of the day (i believe it was red snapper) with spicy potatoes (cant remember the actual menu name-sorry). I didnt find the potatoes to be anything special but enjoyed the bite of the fish I had.

        Overall, its ok-if you are in the area you can do worse...but not something i would go out of my way for...

        1. has anyone had desserts? it didn't look like it with my quick scan of the posts.

          i've only been once to the location on mercer and wasn't very happy with the whole experience. my favourite part though was a sabayon they served for dessert. tasty tasty.

          1. Hi I have been there twice in less than a week. It's a great place to have drinks cuz they quite a variety of mix drinks. Tried their margarita watermelon (forgot the actual name) and love it!
            But my fav is the guacamole and chips in their appetizers. I have been to many restaurants ordering guacamole and Milagro is the best so far for me. I have only sat outside the outdoor (upstairs) patio which is awesome for this summer. But the indoor seating also seems like a great atmosphere plus you get to see the bartender making drinks. I tried the pulled pork in the entree and at first I thought the serving was a bit small for the price you pay but it is actually quite filling for one person. It's flavouful. I tied their sangria there, they have 5 or in the menu-- I found that ok , so not bad but not the best I've tasted in the city. Their margaritas and mojitos are better I think.
            Overall both times I visited there, it's been a great experience. Next time I'll make room for dessert and try out more drinks!