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Nov 16, 2009 10:58 AM

Anyone been to Tacos 5 De Mayo Restaurante - Hyattsville?

My very particular Mexican-American friend is still lamenting the lack of delicious, Mexican food in the area. I drove by this on Saturday. Is it any good?

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  1. Wow this is an old post. Nonetheless, I did go to Tacos 5 De Mayo (on Rt 450 near Hyattsville) last night and I thought it was great. Since I live not too far from Edmonston, that has been my go to area for good Mexican food. La Placita, La Fondita, and Tres Reyes are my usual places. However, Tacos 5 De Mayo is a closer, easier drive. I'd been meaning to try it for a while. It caught my eye one day because they advertised that they served breakfast. I am always on the lookout for good huevos rancheros and chiliquiles. I'd been intending to go for breakfast but it was dinnertime, so... Here's what I and the bf decided to sample:

    enchiladas de mole, enchiladas verde, quesadilla de flor de calabaza (they were out of huitlacoche, otherwise that would have been my first choice), carne asada taco, carnitas taco, and a al pastor taco.

    Everything was delicious, in some cases, really great, but there were a few anomalies. I'll start with the enchiladas: they served these in a slightly peculiar way, essentially as cheese enchiladas which they then sauced and served with a grilled chicken breast chopped up on the side. It was delicious this way, just unexpected. I also tend to think some dark meat in there is good. The enchiladas verdes were served the same way. These came with rice and beans and a salad. Beans were a take on a rancho style but maybe a little dull. Rice was forgettable but inoffensive. What made these dishes amazing were the salsas. They were pretty incredible. The mole was very good. They have a great salsa bar (I hate to make this comparison, but kind of like a baja fresh). I decided to try them all: the rojo was really incredibly hot, and I love hot. They served two types of green salsa: the crudo type that is very fresh, and the other green kind that has some avocado in it. These were both good as well but could stand to be hotter. There was a fresh pico de gallo that was awesome as well as a more pureed version of the same thing. The escabeche was amazing and seemed home made to me.

    The tacos were also great. The quality of the carne asada meat impressed me and the carnitas were big moist chunks of pork. Yes! The disappointments here were that the carnitas taco and the al pastor were identical. Maybe they thought I wouldn't know the difference? Also odd was that they topped the tacos with lettuce and cheese (tho the menu only mentioned onion and cilantro and lime). Perhaps they saw a gringo and assumed? The tacos were huge. Next time I will get an additional order of tortillas and break them up.

    The quesadilla was really a standout. It was so flavorful, in part because they made it with a corn masa/tortilla rather than a flour tortilla. The quesadilla had some flor in it and some chopped up zucchini. It was great. They also have what appears to be an "American" interpretation of a quesadilla on the menu (flour tortilla, cheddar cheese [wtf?], peppers, etc.) which looked odd. Other stuff on the menu looked great as well but I like to start with the basics and see how they do.

    The chips that came with everything were also good. All of the above was about $30.

    All in all I'd say it was on par with my usual places in Edmonston. I could argue that 5 De Mayo even seemed a little fresher, so maybe a notch above, slightly peculiar presentation notwithstanding. I think it was a gringo problem. Everyone else there was latino and seemed quite happy. I never spoke English while I was there. The ambiance is, well, there isn't any. I'm definitely going for breakfast next.