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Nov 16, 2009 10:53 AM

Dowtown Las Vegas Dirt-Cheap eats

Hello all,
The husband and I are heading to Vegas in late December and we're staying downtown. We're on a very strict budget, hence staying downtown, so we are searching for your best dining deals. We eat all sorts of food, and will probably be dining all hours.

So if you know of any specials during special hours, please share.
Or if you know of some cheap eats all hours please let us know.
Also, happy hour specials would be greatly appreciated.

Basically, we're looking for some very cheap dining options. We will have a car, so we don't mind venturing away from downtown a day or two. But we'd really like more downtown options. We are well aware (and fond of) Ellis Island's food specials. Anything along that lines would be great.

Thank you in advance for your helpful suggestions.

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  1. There are some downtown options for you that have good price points - you can check out the Happy Hours deals at Firefly (Plaza, sister to their property on Paradise), and at the Brewery at Main Street Station. Tinoco's Kitchen Express (Las Vegas Club, same food quality as Tinoco's Bistro) can be a good fit, and Aloha Specialties (second level of the California) brings some of the best bang for the buck of any Hotel/Casino restaurant in Las Vegas.