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Nov 16, 2009 10:38 AM

New Years Plannning

Myself and a small group (about 6) are considering spending our New Years Eve in NYC. Our only plan is to find good food and decent drink. Can anyone rec any good restuarants that do something special for New Years or a hotel that has a nice dinner/drinks/party package?


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  1. Benoit
    6-course Chef Tasting Menu. Complimentary champagne 12pm toast & noise-maker, dancing & live DJ ($115/adult). No regular menu.

    1. Hundreds of NYC restaurants do "something special" for New Year's Eve. It would help if we knew your food preferences, price range (actual dollar amounts), other likes and dislikes.

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      1. re: Ann900

        Thanks to both of terms of price range max $200 a person...we are open to all sorts of food....only thing we are really looking for is a place to we can go and spend the whole night there. Dinner/drinks/champagne toast...all for one price one location..hope that helps a little

        1. re: pulledporkkid

          Once again- lots and lots of places that might fit the bill. At most places only food and midnight champagne toast would be included - any other booze is usually extra. Are you looking for elegant?, relaxed? fancy or not? That might help.

          1. re: pulledporkkid

            Allegretti could be an excellent choice. They are doing a seven course tasting menu for $150 - I believe it includes an oyster dish, foie gras, scallops, veal tenderloin, champagne, etc. I have never had a bad meal there - the chef did my birthday dinner in October (a group of 14) - we had an incredible night.

        2. The original comment has been removed