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Nov 16, 2009 10:05 AM

Krause Dining in Lawrence closing

On the Walt Bodine show, they reported that Krause Dining in Lawrence, Kansas is closing in January. Looks like I may never have one of their $100 meals.

Krause Dining
917 Delaware St, Lawrence, KS 66044

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  1. Was there any discussion on the show of why that's happening? I'm curious if it's the economy or more of a personal decision. I have the impression that Lawrence isn't particularly good at supporting restaurants with a higher price point, but have no idea if that impression is justified.

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      They didn't say, but did mention that the Krause's would still have the Burger Stand At Dempsey's, and I think some other operation.

      1. re: amyzan

        There was an article in the Journal-World a few weeks ago. They're going to be opening a new place in the old Round Corner drugstore spot.

        The message that went out to the Krause email list said "the best parts of working and living in the same place are also the hardest parts as well. So, in order to gain back a part our family life, we have decided to pusue other interests in food operations."

        Sounds like they got tired of trying to raise two small children in a a restaurant.