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Nov 16, 2009 09:44 AM

Anything new in DUMBO?

We will be staying at a relative's place in DUMBO x-mas week. It has been over two years since we've been there last. Has anything new opened in the past couple years that is worth checking out? Can be high-end, low-end, or even a grocery store -- just don't want to miss any new additions that might be worth checking out.


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  1. Check out Cafe Baco on Jay St, just off Front.

    Unfortunately Dumbo just lost Hecho en Dumbo last month--they are moving to the old Marion's location on Bowery.

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      It is a BIG loss. They used to deliver.

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        Did Cafe Baco get a liquor license? Haven't been there in a long while, but was less than underwhelmed with the place when they tried to charge me a $15 corkage fee (and I couldn't flag down anyone to get me any more pita to go with my mezze, either -- first time I've ever tipped less than 15% in my life). BUT: maybe they've improved . . .

        I'd probably be inclined to walk up the hill and hit some of the restaurants in Brooklyn Heights, or even walk over to the Atlantic/Carroll Gardens area. I'm surprised by how quickly you can walk to a lot of better eating areas from Dumbo, and the walk is rather enjoyable.

      2. Very little has changed outside of the aforementioned Baco, which has decent mezze and good eggs, and the loss of Hecho. There is a new, low-rent muffin shop opening up on Pearl btw. Front & Water Street. The DUMBO General Store is now offering dinner service, but it is sub-par with a misguided menu of Southern and international dishes. The best news in the nabe is the addition of the ubiquitous NYC food truck movement. On Monday afternoons, you can find the Rickshaw Dumpling truck parked on Washington and Front. On Tuesday nights, you can find Wafels and Dinges (Belgian waffles) and Front and Adams. On Friday afternoons, Schnitzel and Things is on Washington and Front. Oh wait -- hold the phone -- don't walk, RUN to Vinegar Hill House (look it up -- loads of press) for dinner or is spectacular.