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Nov 16, 2009 09:09 AM

Are there any cookware on tv worth getting?

For the general person, are there any good cookware or gadgets which are particularly useful ? I've tried the bullet blender but it doesn't work as well as shown on tv. I've also seen the infomercial on convection cooker that uses 3 types of heating source that kind of interested me.

We're just starting to cook and bake so any tips would be great! Thank you !

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  1. I’m afraid I don’t have any tips for you, but I was wondering the same thing.

    This time of year, everyone is hawking their revolutionary kitchen gadget that we never knew we couldn’t live without:

    SlapChop, SodaStream, Magic Bullet, BigBoss Grill, Home Rotisserie, etc.

    I generally don’t buy gadgets from the tv because I don’t have faith in their quality, their claims or their integrity, but are any of these things any good?

    1. The potato gloves were useless. Shamwow didn't work, either. The Titan peeler works pretty well.

      1. The NuWave looks like an awesome idea if we would like in the Jetsons era lol.

        1. In general the items are expensive for what they are. The advertising costs probably exceed the manufacturing cost. They usually end up being sold at cents on the dollar in shops specializing in refurbs etc. In Canada an example would be...


          1. I have never seen an item advertised on TV that was even close to worth it. The Showtime Rotisserie unevenly cooked and got as hot as the surface of Mercury. The Slapchop is just a new version of already available choppers, which are not that useful if you know how to chop with a knife. The slider station? Anyone have a problem shaping small hamburgers?

            If you are just starting to cook, read decent review sources like Cooks Illustrated (they often find some surprising things about pricey cookware versus other stuff). Find a decent local kitchen store. Find a local restaurant supply house.

            IMHO, if you are just starting to cook, find the basics - the foundation pieces that will help you experiment and learn: a good chef's knife (and good cutlery companies don't advertises on television or at state fairs), some decent pots (again, if its on TV, not good), a couple of nice staight-sided cake pans, good restaurant-grade jelly roll pans, etc. You don't have to spend a lot...

            If you get invited to a Pampered Chef party, keep your expectations low.. buy some small things to be a courteous guest, but don't believe you've found some culinary secret. I will give credit to PC to having nice stoneware, but that's about it.. not crappy stuff, just not an amazing value.

            If you get invited to a Saladmaster party, fake getting the H1N1 flu to avoid going. Do NOT buy anything the evening of the event. If for some reason, you are impressed tell them you need a few days to think about it and do some more research, and if they press you again, not lettting up, walk out the door..

            Good luck.. cooking is a blast, and experimentation (and the occasional screwup) are fun experiences..

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                Google it.. its a pot/pan party-ish company... they sell at a REALLY high price point, promise a 3-day money back guarantee, etc. Cookware is some stainless/titanium alloy that makes all foods cook perfectly for about the same amount of energy as a kitchen match.

              2. re: grant.cook

                I just learned about Pampered Chef . . .thanks for the heads-up :)

                Agree with your suggestions, grant.cook. I use knives and my hands (James Beard must be watching over me), 2 NSF non-stick pans, Le Creuset dutch oven, saucier (Le Creuset and Sitram), a few aluminum cookie sheets more than anything else. Shop the restaurant supply stores, Le Creuset outlets or sales, generally not Williams-Sonoma . . .