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Nov 16, 2009 08:51 AM

Red Stag Grill - Bohemian Hotel - Asheville

If you can overlook the rather overdone amount of animal skulls , deer heads, and antlers ( even my husband pointed out that it would be crazy to try and dust the light fixtures!) there is a nice masculine intimacy to this restaurant. I would remove about 1/2 the decorations which are like a game hunter's room gone wrong (" about some antlers and deer skulls to convey a hunting lodge how about LOTS AND LOTS ?") and tone down the music just a tad as it was at times intrusive. Had read in other post/sites that service was a bit hit or miss and meals weren't timed well but we had no problem with this. Very efficient and professional service.
My husband had the chef's choice w/ wine pairing menu which turned out to be an excellent selection and well priced at $59. Starter was a large serving of slightly spicy calamari, house salad (incredible dressing - light and tangy). Main dish was a filet that was so unbelievably tender and succulent you could cut it with a fork - "like budda!" Dessert was a large portion of a blackberry creme brulee - different take on the normal creme brulee.
+'s - good service, portion sizes, thought prices fair for service and quality of food, bread was outstanding!
-'s - decor, my soup starter was bland and yet overseasoned w/...cardamom? , slight overcharge which they immediately apologized for and corrected, desserts were somewhat unimaginative...people please try something besides flourless chocolate cake, chocolate mousse or lava cake as your chocolate offering - it is SO 90's!
We would definitely go again.

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  1. Nice review, Leah. What was the total damage for two?

    1. I've written a few not so shiny reviews of the Red Stag however, last time I went (about a month ago). It was very, very good. Previously, I had complained about high quality extremely boring food but my most recent experience was quite different. I had the salmon entree and it was delicious, cocktails and service were on point too. I recant my previous post and would go back to the Red Stag in a heart beat.
      Now if they could just do something about all the dead animals watching me eat...

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      1. re: caiogirl

        Caiogirl - LOL - agree abt the dead animals...
        Jeff - for the Chef Choice + wine pairing + salad, soup and 1 app, 1 wine and one after dinner drink it was about $110 (tax and tip included)

        1. re: leahinsc

          Sounds like you enjoyed your meal, but I can't help but think that for that amount of money, FOUR people could eat just as well (if not better) at The Admiral. (And NO dead animals staring at you while you eat!)

          1. re: Jeff C.

            4? Not quite, even at The Admiral....maybe 3! Husband not crazy about noise, low ceiling at The Admiral but we like the food. Def not a romantic dinner spot!

        2. re: caiogirl

          Four us recently had lunch there. We were the youngest in the room by 10 years and we're all in our 40's and 50's. Two had the Beef stroganoff special which they said was very good. Another had the gulash which was so so. I ordered the small plate of calamari which was excellent lightly battered and excellent seasoning and sauce. Also ordered the chop salad which looked promising with smoked chicken, goat cheese and other ingredients which slip my mind at this moment, it looked like it would be packed with interesting flavors but was very bland. I think the ambiance and service are very good as long as you can get by the dead animals. I'd like to give it a try at dinner.

          1. re: caiogirl

            I also have to update my review. We dined there a month ago and it was delicious! The service was excellent. We were told they have a new manager and it was obvious. It is a nice ambiance (minus the animal heads) and love those light-up menus.

          2. We had a very unhappy dining experience at Red Stag just before Christmas.

            Our reservation was for 7:00 pm and they had already run out of two of the dinner specials by then.

            Over an hour and a half elapsed between appetizers and entrees. Wine was ordered but not delivered until we had asked the waiter twice to bring it.

            My rib eye cost $35 but was poorly trimmed and full of gristle.

            We do not plan to return.