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Nov 16, 2009 08:21 AM

Enchiladas - coatzingo alternatives

I hit the 76th st coatzingo regularly for a lunch mexican fix, tho I think their enchiladas are good tacos or cemita's are a much better bet. I'd like to try somewhere else, other than De Mole.

Can't really go much farther up roosevelt as I work in Sunnyside south of the LIE. Any recs?



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  1. I haven't had the enchiladas, but you might want to give el poblano at 75th st or el sol azteca a shot. I respect the food at both places.

    I'm not into de mole that much.

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      I gave that place alot of love, but I think I was caught up in the hype. They do somethings very well, but other things just don't wow me. I like my mexican big and heavy, which is not their style.