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Nov 16, 2009 07:43 AM

Spending New Year's in Valencia and 4 days in Barcelona. Where to eat?

My boyfriend and I are traveling to Spain for New Year's in a little over a month; flying into Valencia and driving up to Barcelona a few days later. We both love good food and I've been doing my research on the hound trying to find local non-tourist traps we can visit for tapas, lunch, or dinner. I keep reading about how places are changing often and new ones are popping up all the time. I definitely want to have authentic paella amongst other things (wine, pastries, seafood, fresh meat). Please suggest any fantastic little places in Valencia, Barcelona, and along the drive up to Barcelona. Much appreciated!

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  1. If you want fantastic rice in Valencia, try El Tossal on Calle Quart. They don't call their dishes 'paella', and they have a very short menu, but you won't find any better rice dishes in the city. El Molinon on Calle Bolseria has fantastic tapas (try the carpaccio of horse meat, if you're bold). La Sucursal (the restaurant in the Contemporary Art Museum) is my favourite upmarket restaurant in the city.

    Don't know Barcelona as well but plenty of other on this board do, so get ready for suggestions.