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Nov 16, 2009 07:39 AM

Can I make cranberry sauce from dried cranberries?

I live overseas and we can't get fresh or canned cranberries here - but we can get Craisins. For Thanksgiving I thought maybe I could make a cranberry sauce out of them but I read somewhere that it won't work because of the lack of pectin in dried fruit to make the sauce gel. Has anyone made cranberry sauce out of Craisins before? Or have other ideas for Thanksgiving side dishes that I could make with Craisins?

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  1. To make what looks like jellied cranberry sauce, you might be better off to use cranberry juice cocktail and pectin. It still might be too sweet. I think the easiest thing would be to use a recipe for raisin sauce subbing craisins for the raisins. Different from cranberry sauce but should still be good. Or maybe a chutney, again subbing craisins for the raisins. My DIL's favorite salad (she hates tomatoes) is the raw broccoli and raisin salad with bacon bits and red onion. I think my mother sometimes put raisins in the stuffing. I would love to eliminate mashed potatoes from our menu. If I could, I would make a couscous or rice dish with craisins etc.

    1. I don't like cranberry sauce but I love dried cranberries and cranberry juice so I came up with what I think cranberry sauce should be. I make an orange cranberry sauce with dried cranberries which might work well for you.

      Whisk together 2 cups cranberry juice (NOT THE CRANBERRY JUICE COCKTAIL), 2 teaspoons cornstarch and 1/4 cup brown sugar in a medium saucepan; bring to a simmer over med. low heat; cook for five minutes, whisking occasionally, until mixture is reduced by one third. Stir in 1 1/2 cups dried cranberries, 1 cup orange marmalade, 1/4 teaspoon grated fresh ginger, pinch of allspice.

      Reduce heat to low and continue cooking for another 8-10 minutes or until cranberries are slightlty rehydrated. Stir in one cup of fresh orange sections, pith removed (don't use mandarin oranges) and remove from heat. Chill before serving. *You can add more sugar if it's not sweet enough for you and/or stir in some chopped toasted pecans or walnuts for variety

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          That sounds really good - I'll try that! We can't get turkeys here so will likely have chicken or some other meats - what do you usually put this sauce on?

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            Recipe sounds wonderful am going to give it a shot, as Costco didn't have their wonderful cranberry sauce this year and I'm not going to do canned sauce just not!!! Thank You for your recipe sharing!!!!

          2. When I want jellied cranberry sauce, nothing else works for me. Well, my can usually says ""Jellied" cranberry sauce. Sooo, I figure you can treat it like any fruit when you are going to make jelly. Follow the instructions on the "Sure Jell" package. I also would imagine the consistency would depend on whether you pureed your cranberries or perhaps even ommitted the skins altogether like when you make grape jelly. I hope you enjoy it.

            P.S. be creative and use candy molds and make all kinds of decorative plates with your fresh veggies and deviled eggs.

            1. well, here it is! This thanksgiving we were supposed to have alot of people over for dinner. Because of the weather conditions, no one showed, to include the one who was bringing the cranberry sauce.So. looking through the pantry, we realized there was no cranberry sauce. All we had was dried craisins and this is the recipe we will use from here on out because it rocked the cranberry sauce kingdom.

              dried cranberry sauce for thanksgiving:

              1 1/2 cups dried craisins
              3/4 cup water or preferably cranberry juice or pomegranate cran mix
              1/3 cup sugar
              dried orange peel, real, orange
              1/4 tsp salt
              peel, orange marmalade, or orange juice instead of water
              add all ingredients and boil lightly until the cranberries plump up. then add 2 tbl of cornstarch to 4 tbl of water and add it slowly while at a slow simmer till it is thick and of the right consistency.

              you will never go back to canned cranberry sauce again. we were absolutely pleased that we not only pulled this off in a snow storm, but that it was better than any cranberry sauce we had ever had,

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                I just saw this and I live in Jordan where I can get dried cranberries, Ocean Spray jellied sauce and cranberry juice but no fresh cranberries. Once I brought back to Russia frozen cranberries in my suitcase but I won't be going back to the US before Thanksgiving. I will try this. I will look in Israel on our trip there for frozen cranberries as we always stop at the supermarket in Eilat right before we cross to our home in Aqaba. I doubt they will have them. I'm already starting to think about Thanksgiving. Canned pumpkin is available in Amman but they ration it at the store at which it's available. I got two cans since I'd come all the way from Aqaba! I can get fresh pumpkin but it's a pain to make the pumpkin but I have in the past. Such is life in these countries.

              2. I've had a good cranberry/fruit relish made with dried cranberries--maybe that would be suitable stand in?
                Basically finely diced fall fruits like apples, pears, etc. plus some citrus flesh and zest plus craisins. Chopped nuts and spices if desired. It's pomegranate season where you are--perhaps you could throw in some of that and other more local seasonal fruits. Come to think of it, pomegranate might be an interesting juice to make a jelly with that would have the tartness of cranberry. Or what if you softened the cranberries in pomegranate juice, pureed the whole thing and then added pectin to make a jelly?

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                  That's an idea, too. My Dutch husband doesn't have the tradition of cranberry sauce and I like many variations of it. I'm not even sure besides one other person, who will be around for Thanksgiving here. There are not many Americans here so I can make what I like and just invite local friends or expat friends from other countries to participate. I don't need pectin because I never liked the idea of jellied sauce. The relish sounds good. I think I did something like that one year because it isn't too sweet with orange zest. We have lots of fruit here.

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                    I've done a dried cranberry sauce by cooking the berries with orange juice, orange zest, and just enough sugar to keep it from being too tart. The end result was good enough that I would make it along side the fresh cranberry sauce.

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                      All these good ideas. I can have cranberry sauce all year!

                      Thanks, I'll copy this and put it in the file with the other recipes.