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Nov 16, 2009 07:31 AM

Prime Rib - Philly

Four of us had a delightful experience at Prime Rib on Saturday night.

First of all, this is a lovely - and elegant - space. Seats are comfortable, music (live piano music) is not intrusive, noise level is moderate. The place, which is large, looked completely full.

We were originally seated close to the front, backing on the bar, which was noisy and had too much traffic. We asked to be switched and had no problem.

The Fall Stimulus Saving Menu, prix-fixe at $35.00, is on all the time - but, you have to request it. We did, and it is a bargain.
There are six choices of appetizers, six choices of entrees, and about four desserts.

Three of us started with the Caesar Salad (requesting anchovies) and were pleased. Our friend who had clams said they were great.
Three people had their specialty, prime rib. My husband said it was delicious. I chose the filet, which was done exactly as ordered.
The table can choose two sides to share. We chose steak fries and creamed spinach; both were excellent.
For dessert, among the four of us, we had key lime pie, creme brulee, and cheese cake - all good.

The portions are not as large as if you order from the regular menu - we saw some huge platters being served - but they were quite large, enough for all of us to feel stuffed.

Service was consistently excellent.

Prime Rib used to have a dress code, but no longer does. Most of the men were wearing jackets (no ties), but it is not required. This was probably because it was Saturday night.
Ages were mixed - young, smartly dressed couples to middle- aged to seniors (like us) and even a few children.

This is classy place with reliably good food and service. And although there was a buzz, we could talk!
You can see the menu on their web site; go to the special events section.

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  1. That is good to know. I went a few years ago on my birthday, and looked at the crowd, and decided I didn't want to be reminded how old I was becoming... It looked like a Cosa Nostra retiree dinner. We will give it another shot. The Stimulus Menu sounds like a great deal.

    I can tend to overeat if a 32-oz Prime Rib is offered .. feel compelled to finish it while it is still fresh ..

    Prime Rib Restaurant
    16620 Lincoln Hwy, Breezewood, PA 15533

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      Not sure if they still allow it, but you may bring your own wine on Sunday's. Not sure if there's a corkage fee.

    2. We went last night for dinner, using a certificate gifted to my DH by some co-workers. We did not ask for the "stimulus" fixed price menu, rather ordering from the regular menus. It was one of the best meals I've had in a long time.

      The service was impeccible, the piano music delightful. The ambiance was refined, cozy and even a touch romantic, unlike the other steakhouses in town. I felt "cocooned". Many male patrons were in jackets, but many were in "business casual" attire as well. I was seated in one of the high-backed leather chairs and could have stayed there all night.

      Both of us went retro and had the bleu cheese wedge salad. Both of us had strip steaks, done to perfection; his was au piovre, mine was with roquefort butter. Sides were grilled artichoke hearts (wonderful) and the Greenburg Potato Skins. We both loved the skins because they satisfied our need for a potato without beeing leadenely filling. I could have munched on those things all night. No dessert -- we were full and also needed to make a 7:30 show time.

      When I win the lottery, I will go there twice a month, but right now it's at the top of my list for a very special occassion place. I'll keep that stimulus menu in mind, though!