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Five Guys Coming to Middletown

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I just saw something on the Middletown Planning Department's website that Five Guys is coming to 560 Washington Street in Middletown. Wish they would come to Glastonbury. Jay

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  1. Amento your last comment. I work in E Htfd and from time to time make the trek out to Farmington for a 5 Guys lunch. My wife and I look for excuses to go west of the river on the weekends to end up at 5 Guys. Glastonbury would have been better served with a 5 Guys than a Sauce, or a Spicy Bean, or the on-going saga next to Giovanni's, or Tribeca. I don't see how a location near, say, Buckland, could fail.

    Tribeca Cafe
    1001 Hebron Ave, Glastonbury, CT 06033

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      Good news for Middletown, we too end up at 5 Guys quite often (those FRIES!).

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        What on-going sage next to Giovanni's? Are you talking about the multiple delis/restaurants that have been in the plaza next door?

        Spicy Bean is pretty good. I have been a couple of times but it is small and crowded and has limited parking.

        As for Tribecca, it was not very good so I can see why it failed. A new Italian place is coming there. Don't know the name but they have been working in there for a couple of weeks now. Jay

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          The on-going saga (not sage) next to Giovanni's would be the multiple delis/... you refer to -- all disappointing in my opinion. Tried Spicy Bean once -- ordered my benchmark roast beef on rye and it wasn't very good. The roast beef, what there was of it, was not of high quality. It had some gristle problems. Tribeca had some good sandwiches but it was a little too pretentious -- too many laptopers using the wireless access. Good for take-out.

      2. I saw that one is coming to Niantic - right off the highway where the Wendy's use to be

        1. WooHoo! I just mapped it....Near the new Old Glory location. I was always kinda thankful the closest one to me (Farmington) was a bit of a ride

          1. great fry, way overrated burger. You can't eat it...it falls apart in your hands
            and is a big mess. Plus it's overcooked.
            Go to Wood and Tap and get it medium rare.

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              The more junk you put on any burger the harder it is to handle. I have eaten at the Farmington and Avon 5 Guys and don't have a problem. Wood & Tap does have a decent burger but for a quick lunch I like 5 Guys.

            2. I don't get the Five Guy love. I have eaten there twice, once in Washington DC and once in CT, both times I was served a sad, dried out overcooked burger. I know well done is the only way they'll serve it, so I won't be back. I can cook dried-out beef at home for a fraction of the price. Fries are good, but to me fries don't make the meal.

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                I realize that I, too, am in the minority, but I fail to understand the allure of the burgers - mels hits the nail on the head - dried and overcooked (and that's the only way they'll make it!).
                The fries are to die for, and if you pair them up with a Hebrew National dog, you can't go wrong (unless you're forced to wait in line for 20 minutes!).

              2. They just opened a "Five Guys" in Woodbridge. It's right off 15 and at the junction of 63 and 69 (or the north end of Whalley Avenue). This is the "Amity" area. It is right next to Amity liquor and almost backs up to Katz's Restaurant Deli.
                I haven't tried it.

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                  My husband and I stopped in to the Woodbridge Five Guys a few Saturday ago. It was our first time eating at a Five Guys. We both felt the burgers were delicious and quite juicy, but a little messy. My husband wasn't crazy about the diced onions though. The fries were delicious! And we shared one small order and there was more than enough for both of us. Although we enjoyed both the burger & fries, we felt it was a little on the pricey side for a burger & fries.

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                    That Five Guys has been there for at least a year and a half. I just don't see what there is to like about Five Guys. It is certainly the best fast food chain for burgers in this area, and comparable to the best nationwide. But I can't name a single local place that isn't better. It is just as expensive as a local place, even most sit down places.

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                      I just went to the five guys in middletown on sunday. Ive been to several other five guys down south and a couple up north. The one in middletown had the worst burger of them all. I know it can be messy but the burger just fell apart and ive never had that happen to me before at five guys. Oh, and the prices they charge i just laugh at 10 plus dollars for a burger, fry, and soda. Id rather just go to a sit down restaurant at those prices

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                      Scargod--have you been hiding in your shell? The Amity Road 5 guys has been open MANY months. Also, it is NOT in Woodbridge, it is in NEW HAVEN, Woodbridge zoning would never allow a fast food restaurant.