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Nov 16, 2009 06:35 AM

Informal Baltimore Birthday Dinner Venue?

We are going to see the Colts-Ravens game this coming Sunday. Directly after the game we were going to meet some other friends to celebrate the birthday of the girl who is the Colts-fan.

Does anyone have any rec's for a restaurant if given the following criteria: early Sunday dinner, approx 5:30pm, we are all 25-30 in age, somewhere less formal since some of us will be in game gear, we will be a group of 8-10, a place IN Baltimore. We're all DC-ers so don't know too much about the Baltimore restaurant scene.

Greatly appreciated! And let me know if you require more critieria!

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  1. Knowing cuisine preferences and price points would be a big help.

    1. Ryleigh Oyster Bar is relatively close to the stadium ,I would call and make some reservations though
      Hull Street Blues is a little farther away and quite casual..once more I would suggest calling.

      1. Try Tyson's Tavern at 2112 Fleet Street

        They are in Fells Point or Canton, depending on how you look at it.

        The food is excellent and atmosphere comfortable. Prices are very reasonable. Sunday is game day and you can watch the game on the large projection screen or the TVs. They have great crabcakes, the usual pub fare, hand-cut steaks, poppers that are out of this world and much more. The food is made on the premises; nothing comes in frozen or premade from a restaurant supply house. The drinks are very well done and reasonably priced. There is an exceptional beer selection both on tap and by bottle. The tavern is on the premises of the original site of National Boh but the historic building has other things to about which to brag. I'm a wine drinker and sometimes just ask the owner to pick something out for me knowing he worked at Flemings and is very particular about everything he serves. Dean makes a proper martini, too! On other days of the week you can hear live, music and watch the games. Over the past two years I have taken at least ten people there for dinner and the place always comes through! You should call in advance for 10 people.