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East Windsor, NJ: Another new Thai place opening

It looks like there's a Thai Restaurant opening in the former SaladWorks space next to Target on Princeton-Highstown road. Sign says "Authentic Thai Cuisine". Paper in windows.

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  1. My wife called the number on the window... It's being opened by the people who ran Tom Yum Goong in Princeton, which burned down earlier this year.

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      yay! did they happen to indicate timing for open?

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        They said they're shooting for December.

    2. Exciting news. We've been losing a lot of restaurants around here lately. Nice to see something besides a chain opening.

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      1. This place will also be called Tom Yum Goong and is slated to open Monday April 19th, according to the guy who answered the phone there today.

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            Thanks, Paul, for the update. I drove by there last weekend and noticed it was still closed. Didn't get out of the car to check out the signs in the window. I appreciate you doing it!

        1. Don't have time for a detailed post, but the takeout I got from here Monday was excellent. Tom Yum soup and plum duck. Both much better than expected. The duck was both crispy and succulent. The soup was fresh-tasting and complex. Just right.

          Very excited about this place.

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            I got take out today for lunch. Also had the Tom Yum soup which was quite flavorful. Had Pad Thai with chicken....great tasting although the chicken was a bit overcooked. Also ordered seafood in green curry...fantastic.

            So happy to have Thai back in town again!

          2. Based on nursemeggs reveiw when we were at City Streets, my husband and I went over Saturday night for dinner. The staff was very welcoming when we entered the restaurant. All the decor is still from Saladworks but the earthy tones does match some of the Thailand decorations. We ordered a chicken satay to split as an appetizer. Flavor was terrific. Ron ordered the seafood special - Firehouse seafood. The heat was perfect and the freshness of the ingratiates was evident . I ordered chicken pad with broccoli and noodles. My light garlic sauce accented the dish and did not overpower it .

            Highly recommend.

            City Streets Cafe
            510 US Highway 130, East Windsor, NJ 08520

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              I'm seriously addicted to the Tom Yum Goong soup from this place. I've also tried the Tom Ka Ga - which alright but not nearly as good as the soup the place is named for.

              The pad Thai was also pretty good (though no noodle dish ever does very well as take out). And the golden bags were quite tasty. Still, this place is all about the Tom Yum Goong.

            2. We've had lunch and dinner in the new East Windsor location - both times were excellent!! So glad to have Thai in the H/EW area again. Royal Orchid was good, but we're liking this place even better. Vegetables are beautifully prepared, the satay is right on, and the people who work there are friendly and helpful. Love it!!

              Tom Yum Goong Thai Restaurant
              354 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ

              1. We've now tried this place a number of times, and are still exploring the menu. We're happy this place has opened. It's very much "toned down" thai (in terms of level of flavor), but good nonetheless. Some winners: Pineapple Fried Rice, Som Tam, Sates. Misses: Pad Thai (off-balance, noodles often overcooked), Curries (weakly flavored).

                Tom Yum Goong II
                72 Princeton Hightstown Rd, East Windsor, NJ 08520

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                  I'm with you, I thought the Pad Thai was very off-balance in terms of flavor; specifically, it was way too sweet. It was actually the worst Pad Thai I've had in NJ.

                  That being said, I can't comment on the rest of the menu because I've only had that one dish. The decor seemed nice for a strip mall location and the service was good. I'll give it one more chance and try the Tom Yum Goong given the good review of that dish here.

                  I'm trying the new place in Plainsboro next. Hopefully that will be a better experience.

                  Tom Yum Goong II
                  72 Princeton Hightstown Rd, East Windsor, NJ 08520

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                    If anyone is looking for a noodle dish from this place, go with the Crazy Noodles. They're fantastic. Haven't been to the new location, but I hear it's the same staff and cooks as from the Nassau St. location that burned down.

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                      I had the Crazy Noodles last visit and I agree...spicy with a sweet background, yum.

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                    I had my second vist to Tom Yum Goong last week. The first visit was good -- the seafood salad and crazy noodles were nice. On the second visit, we had a Duck Panang Curry and Pad Thai -- we were very disappointed with both. Although we asked for or curry to be spicy it was too mild, watery and heavy on the coconut. In fact, another couple in the restaurant complained to the waiter that their dish wasn't spicy enough either. The Pad Thai was quite flavorless and boring. Elements Asia makes much better Pad Thai.

                    I am looking forward to trying the new thai restaurant, Ploy Siam, in Robbinsville (Foxmoor Shopping Center). I think they open at the end of the month.

                    I've you ever road trip to New York State and have a hankering for Thai, check out Kwan Thai Restaurant in Pearl River, NY (about 90 minutes north of Mercer County). Their food rocks and they curries definitely pack a punch. Here is their website: http://www.kwanthai.com/

                  3. I picked up lunch from there today. Based on the recommendations, I got the Crazy Noodles (chicken) and they were really good. Amazingly, "medium" spicy was exactly what I meant it to be! The accompanying Thai salad had a nice veggie mix, but the dressing was too redolent of fish sauce. I'd definitely go back but be a little more specific with my order next time. This was waaaaay better than Royal Orchid, IMO.

                    BTW, their menu online has no prices. The lunch combo is $12, and most of the lunch entrees are in the same range.

                    Royal Orchid Restaurant
                    370 US Highway 130, East Windsor, NJ 08520

                    1. Tom Yum Goong in East Windsor is now closed. Nothing seems to survive in that location. A Kay Jewelers is taking the spot now.