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Nov 16, 2009 06:03 AM

Wine in Madrid

Anyone have a favorite tapas joint in Madrid that serves Txocoli? Also, if you could only have one tapas in Madrid, what and where would it be? Cheers, Zot

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  1. Most of my favorite tapas bars for their wine selection including the best possibility of Txakoli are located along the Calle Cava Baja including Taberna Tempranillo, Galician themed Orixe, and the appropriately named Txakoli. There are several other good wine bars along this street, just pop in and try. A few blocks away on Calle del Nuncio is Taberna Los Cien Vinos also with an intelligent wine list.

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      Thanks for the help. Sounds like you know your wine and where to get it. Do you have any suggestions for small production wine that I wouldn't typically find abroad? My tastes are all over the board, and am willing to try anything. Thanks again, Zot

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        I thought Taberna Los Cien Vinos was closed - have you been there recently?

      2. Just be aware that part of the whole point of tapas is not staying in just one bar. The best part about the tradition is that you go into a bar, have a tapa or two with some wine, then move on to the next one, and so on, and so on. You should easily hit 4 or 5 tapas bars in a single night.

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          If you want to try a Spanish red wine that steps outside the usual Rioja/Ribera duo, drink some Bierzo, made from the Mencia grape. Fabulous stuff.

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            I wholeheartedly agree with Azza'a comment on the Bierzo wines. They are a great revelation to those who have not had them. They are more easily found outside of Spain these days but while you are there I would seach out the Mengoba wines from Gregory Perez who left Paixar and the Alabares wines from Spain's hottest wine maker Raul Perez. If you like the Mencia wines and want to be on the vanguard try the wines from Raul Perez made in Monterrei and Ribiera Sacra. Also from Ribiera Sacra I would suggest the Dominio do Bibei wines from Sara Perez and Rene Barbier Jr.

            On the white side try the Godello based wines from Valdeorras (while at Orixe on Calle Cava Baja) especially As Sortes from Rafael Palacios, or the Ossian Verdejo wine (only by name) from Rueda. All of these are hard to find even in Madrid but well worth looking for. Some are available at the Corte Ingles wine cellar if you want to drink them in the hotel or take them with you.

            For a formal and expensive night out with tremendous food and a great wine list I suggest the restaurant at The Casino de Madrid. Innovative food in a belle epoque environment and one of the most comprehensive wine lists in Madrid.