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Help! After work place for drinks and maybe dinner in Midtown/UES

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I am meeting my older brother (40) who I have seen in a few years for drinks and most likely food after work today. He is staying in the 60s and on 42nd so something either in between us or near me (bc I live downtown) would be ideal. Ideally i would like a wine bar where we could order small plates if we get hungry, but i would also like for it to be a good scene - not too crowded and not so much that i have to yell to have our conversation...

any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

i was thinking maybe accademia del vino, but not thrilled with it...


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  1. There's a really cute wine bar called Felice on 64th and 1st. I like it better than Accademia.

    1. felice is my fav. http://www.felicewinebar.com/
      there's also Vero and Vino

      1483 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10075

      1. Bateau Ivre, Accademia