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Nov 16, 2009 05:38 AM

cooking for babies...

wondering what chowhounds are serving up to their little ones...

i have 9.5 month-old twin boys, and the thought of giving them jarred food creeps me out, of course. they're eating mostly table food, with some chunky purees thrown in for good measure. i also like to make a slice of toast, spread cream cheese on top and smoosh in whatever is handy (i did grated carrots on top yesterday), then slice into strips for easy finger-fooding.

what are you making/did you make?

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  1. My kids ate whatever we ate. They never had jarred food, and quite honestly, I'm not what the point is of jarred food.

    That said, they ate whatever I cooked. I simply used my stick blender to blend it down to a consistency that they'd be able to eat. So, from spaghetti to stew, from meatloaf to mashed potatoes, they ate it. Sometimes I'd have to thin whatever it was a bit with some water to make it mushier. I also took canned fruits (no sugar) and pureed those for them, and did my own applesauce. Peas were whirred down, as were sweet potatoes (that I baked) and so get the picture. When we were away from home, be it at a resto or at a friends, I put their food in a Tupperware.

    Best to you and your little ones.

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      My grandma did much the same as you did, only she used a food mill or the blender. She hated when my mom gave us jarred food and to this day cringes at my sister when she gives it to my niece.

    2. Check out this thread on making baby food, with a lot of great ideas for adding flavor. Incidentally, the OP also has twins around your kiddos; age.

      1. Just turned 11 months. still no teeth, but they are coming, have to be, right?
        brown rice
        just starting with tiny bits of hard non-cooked apple. He's had all the melons during summer.
        ground sirloin, turkey, and lamb - trying pork for the first time tomorrow.

        We are cubers. Ice cube trays filled with food.
        Freezer is filled with pureed squashes, green beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, beets, peas, peaches, the meats, and the starches.
        For mealtime, we grab one cube of starch, one cube of meat, and two cubes of veggies. Into the nurowave for a minute, and presto, hot meal.

        Usually, dessert is mashed pears, or banana or apples or peaches with oatmeal.

        Breakfast is usually fruit, oatmeal, and plain full fat yogurt.
        Lunch is finger food, (tofu/beans) and then a frozen cube meal
        Dinner is finger food, a frozen cube meal, plus dessert.

        and he eats cheerios all day long and snacks are chopped fruit in those mesh nibbler thingies. Everything is organic except for the cheerios. He eats much better than I do.