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Nov 16, 2009 05:12 AM

Roosevelt Room?

So what's the verdict on the new Roosevelt Room?

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  1. My wife and I went early December for our anniversary. I was ready spend for a great time. I was impressed with the aesthetics when we entered, but our table wasn't great, and the floor, which I guess is dance floor at times, was dirty. It was surprisingly noisy for not being that busy. But really, I was here for the food. I had the ravoli, it was bland at best, cold, and salty. I wouldn't get it again. My wife couldn't finish the shrimp, she said it was salty and over cooked. I was disappointed. For what they're charging and their attitude they should be perfect. Chef Trevor Wilkensen, or his sous, Anthony Davis, should be replaced.
    The desserts were ok. The service was ok, our server was bored, and apologized for our meal, as if she hears it all the time. I didn't complain to her, she asked why we couldn't finish such small portions. Then she disappeared and we waited 45 minutes for our bill.
    I would consider go back for a dessert, but I don't think I could get in, because of the reservation system, and the $500 bottle service. There are a lot better restaurants in Toronto that should be supported before this place.

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      it sounds as if it echoes the review in the star today. i thought it would be more style than substance when it was announced and i am convinced more than ever that i was right

    2. One star out of five from Pataki! Wow! Must be BAD!!!

      1. We had our work holiday party here. It was amazing. The space was amazing. The booths were big and comfy. The company went for finger foods. I had no complaints. The cheese plate was full of cheeses to make everyone happy. We also had mini burgers, breaded seafood, mussels...

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          They have a seperate lounge menu with onion rings and burgers on it so possibly this is where they shine. But $20 for mini burgers is pretty steep.

        2. i'm guessing that it is the new flow-great for corporate groups, lousy for couples