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Nov 16, 2009 05:01 AM

Set menus in London

I have a budget of £40 per head and myself and a business client have decided to forgo the wine so we have more money to spend on food.
Any suggestions? We'd like to go somewhere nr Bond Street/ Green Park if possible.

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    1. re: abby d

      just seen Grdon Ramsey at Claridges 3 courses at £30 - is it worth it?

      1. re: justmarried

        I think so, although last went two years ago.

        Service is great, it is an opulent grand old space which takes you back to a different era of dining (in a good way). No food fireworks from the kitchen but well cooked classic French dishes, quite a limited selection, but that is what I would expect at this price point. You may get more adventurous, more cutting edge food at other places but you won't get the old fashioned grandeur that a hotel dining room like Claridge's offers.

        Watch the extras like coffee as it can push the bill up a lot.

        1. re: PhilD

          i agree with phil - nice if you like trad french food but there is nothing particularly exciting about it. i found the setting a bit too chintzy and very formal service a bit painful but know those are very personal quibbles as the person i was with loved the formality.

          hibiscus would more interesting food. the setting was a bit sterile when i went but they had just opened. 3 course for c£30.

          my top choice in that area would be murano though - angela hartnett's cooking is wonderful and the extras really make the set lunch feel special. under £30 for 3 course.

    2. It might not be in your area but the Ledbury is excellent.

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      1. re: plummonk

        I ate at Pied a Terre earlier this year and thought that was very good indeed, ~£32 for lunch, 3 courses

        1. re: stanleyk

          i tried Murano but they were fully booked, so i went to Claridges. Worth the money and the setting was beautiful. The cooking wasn't adventurous, just good quality ingredients cooked well. There were so many staff though and alot of fussing around us and it was all quite serious, which may put me off going again. Thanks for all the suggestions, will report back when i get round to going to Murano