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Nov 16, 2009 04:35 AM

Disappointment at Mima Vinoteca

This place started out on a real high note. Hubby and I went back 2 weeks ago. Fall menu. Pasta with black truffle/anchovy/bread crumbs. Was just like my Nana's homemade. Really perfect. OK everybody has a bad night. However. 2 weeks later took my brother/wife and son. The same pasta was a fettuchine(not homemade). The only taste was anchovy. Pasta was completely dry. Consistency is such a problem even in the "better" places. This dish had no resemblance to what we were served 2 weeks ago. Of course, they offered us the menu to choose something else and we did but the wind had kind of gone out of the sails by then. Do you find consistency a problem?

Mima Restaurant
63 Main St, Irvington, NY 10533

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  1. On the recommendation of a friend, had lunch there yesterday, and equally disappointed. Penne Carbonara came to the table so undercooked that I had to send it back. Chewy rather than al dente. So instead of doing a new one, they cooked it more, and the of course the egg curdles. The pasta itself is still tough. Did not dare order a replacement, so went with the monkfish special. Incredibly salty, worsened by the olive/capers but even when the sauce was scraped off, the fish was still way too salty. The vegetables were perfect, so took so small bites of the fish and averaged out the salt by piling vegetables on the same fork.

    Nice location, decor is fine, but the food poor, and the lunch prices relatively high. Won't bother going back.

    1. I really liked Mima's the first couple of times I went. Last time it was a bit of a disappointment. Good fritto misto, but the main courses were boring, though not flawed. Not exactly a bargain. Add in some iffy service, and a less exciting quartino list than first visit, and I'm not as eager to go back as I was originally. Still, will give it another try.


      1. Although the food is quite good, I would not recommend MiMa Vinoteca after experiencing the less than gracious attitude of the management/staff. The waiter and bus-staff were literally pulling our food/drinks away before we were done, and our waiter brazenly looked at his watch in a transparant effort to turn the tables over. There are far too many great restaurants in Westchester to deal with that.

        1. We went a few weeks ago and the food was excellent - I had the speghettini, and they were really nice for doing a substitution I requested, my husband had the sirloin which was excellent (the mashed potatoes were superb as well). But yes, the service was not what I've come to expect from the DaMaro group. Basically just clueless, and very green. I know everyone needs to start sometime, but busy Sat night dinner shouldn't be that time. Will give it one more shot, but that's it for the chances.