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Nov 16, 2009 04:33 AM

6 hours at suvarnabbhumi airport, please help!

Our first flight arrives in Bangkok at 6:30AM, and the connecting flight to Taipei leaves at 1:PM
we shall thus have about 5, 6 hours there. Any suggestions please as to where to go to (day hotel?) and where to get a good cup of coffee and breakfast/lunch at the airport?
Thanks for your help.

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  1. there is a lounge you can pay to visit but it's very expensive (more than $100 i think). another option is one of the spas. you can get a massage to relax and kill some time.

    there is lots of food in airport. nothing great (or inexpensive) but plenty of thai, fusion asian, pizza, burger king, etc.). for coffee there's a starbucks and a black canyon (thai coffee chain). if you leave the international terminal (go through immigration) there is more food on the floor below the check-in counters. but it might not be worth the hassle of standing in line and going through immigration again to get back in.

    1. rieu:
      My wife and I just spent 4 hours at the BKK airport 4 days ago.
      Once you check in, and go through security/passport/etc there is a long shopping arcade with a mix of Thai and international luxury brands duty free stores. At then end of all of that is quite a good selection of food venues. As Justintime has said, there is a mix of Thai, asian, US foods, even a place offering Halal food. My wife and I ended up having an early dinner of a very good Pad Thai and some Thai red curry with duck. Frankly, looking back at it, there were several places I would have liked to eaten at.

      Have no fear about starving during your 6 hour layover.

      1. Not really "chow" related, but important anyway:

        There has been quite a bit of controversy, concerning King Power Duty Free and people getting busted for shoplifting. The many shops may not be a good place to spend a few hours of touchy-feely browsing.

        1. On the ground floor of the terminal, at the highest exit number end of the terminal (#7?) there is a Thai food court. It's used mostly by airport employees and other Thais. Nothing is spectacular but it's authentic Thai food. One of the vendors sells Thai coffee. Hopefully you'll find something you like. If not, nothing is more than 50 baht.