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Nov 16, 2009 04:26 AM

Peacock's Poultry Farm, Troy MI

Has anyone gotten turkey or other products from this place? I've driven by it many times and been intrigued...

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  1. I don't live far from there and have bought eggs and milk from them. Oddly, never a turkey. I only buy turkey once per year (Thanksgiving) and the parking there is such a mess, so I order at Nino's and make my life easy. Their eggs are local, as is the milk. I'm not sure of the name of the dairy but it's something Creek. They are closed on Monday, which I always forget on the day I want eggs. FYI, it's a cash and check only credit cards. The people working there are really friendly and for such a small tucked out of the way place I'm usually not the only one in the store, which I think says a lot.

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    1. thanks for the replies. I think I need to check it out now!

      1. I buy my turkeys (yes plural - two smaller ones means 4 drumsticks and birds that are not dried out).

        They are delicious and fresh - not frozen. Should call to order first and I always pick mine up on Monday - not as crowded. They also sell alkinds of frozen veggies, dairy, etc...

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        1. yes I work at a country club in bloomfield and this is where we get our turkeys for thanksgiving we put in our order today for 70 turkeys and would buy them nowhere else they are very busy and hard to get a hold of this time of year but i would do my best to get a turkey from here they are all natural and full of flavor.

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            Another good local source for fresh turkey is Roperti's turkey farm on 5 mile in Livonia. $2.99/lb