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Best Thanksgiving Dinner (out) on a budget

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Hi all. Looking to see what is the best Thanksgiving dinner that my family and I can eat out but on a budget. The $42 pp buffets just won't work for us... There will be 4 adults and 2 kids under the age of five... Any suggestions?


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  1. BF, Where are you and how far will you travel? Regardless of price, you're looking into this awfully late, unless your local Olde Country Buffet will do.


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      My comments aren't an answer to your question, but amount to a different approach. Yesterday I was in my corner Green Market Deli and saw a complete Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings for 8-10 for $129. I know that Wegmans, probably Shoprite and other markets would have similar take out meals available at reasonable prices.

      If I had maybe two other couple to share this kind of feast with us this Thanksgiving ( no other plans, but we are going away the day after) that's what I'd do; Thanksgiving take out + paper plates.

      Market Deli
      908 Bethlehem Pike, Glenside, PA 19038

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        I know there are myriad take-out packages from markets, but Bigfella said he wanted to go out.
        Getting reservations at this date are next to impossible. Thanks to sylviag, there are some options. i didn't know. There may be greater options within his travel realm.


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        We would like to stay within an hour of Philly if possible... I know we're late, but our family just decided to come visit! :)

      3. Here is the link to the Open Table list of Thanksgiving dinner options:


        There is a McCormick and Schmick in Center City and also one with ample parking in Cherry Hill, NJ - only about fifteen minutes from center city. They have a special price for kids.

        Many neighborhood places have Thanksgiving specials, but I haven't been paying attention since we go to a family gathering. Are you in any special area?

        Good luck!

        1. Hi
          I do not know where you are located but the Broad Axe Tavern in Ambler PA has reservations available for Thanksgiving Day. The will have the regular menu available plus a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. Let us know where you eat!
          Here is the link to the website:


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            I saw an ad for Charlie Brown's restaurant. All you can eat 3 course turkey dinner.
            18.99 adult, 8.99 child.

          2. Thanks all! I appreciate the suggestions. I'll make sure to follow up with everything.


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              Hey Bigfella
              Where did you end up on Tgiving?