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Nov 16, 2009 12:35 AM

Sharon Fruit in LA?

Does anyone know where to buy Sharon fruit in the LA area? They are in season right now, but I've never seen them in any produce store on the west coast. If you don't know what a Sharon fruit is, don't feel bad, they don't show up in supermarkets often. Sharon fruit comes from Israel. It looks like a persimmon, but it's sweet and you can eat it while it's still firm, without peeling it. When they're ripe, they are absolutely delicious. Like a carnival in your mouth!

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  1. It is a variety of persimmon.

    1. "sharon fruit" is another name for persimmons. fuyu persimmons are the ones you are referring to (as opposed to hachiya persimmons, which are the longer ones that we eat only when very soft). fuyu persimmons are all over the place when in season, which is right about now. they grow here. try 99 ranch, gelsons, trader joes, whole foods, actually just about anywhere. ask for fuyu persimmons. they really are widely available in southern california.