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Nov 15, 2009 11:03 PM

Ike's Place (sandwich shop), SF - Recommended!

If you love sandwiches like me then you have to go to Ike's Place in SF. It's in the Castro, but only like 1 mile (15-20min) walk from 16th St Bart. Cross St: Sanchez.

Line can be long & also the wait for them to make it. There was about 5 ppl in front of me to order, then a 30 min wait to pickup my order. Call in your order maybe to make it faster.

For my first time I was overwhelmed with the huge book of sandwiches.

I picked #30 "The Backstabber" - Sourdough roll w/ tender chicken, artichoke hearts, Caesar dressing & provolone. I think the total was $8.70. Corey told me to get pesto on it & got that too. Ate 1/2 will eat other half tomorrow.

Next time I'm trying #111 "Menage A Trois" - the guy from Man vs Food ate that. Cory also recommended the "Paul Reubens" #91.

In my bag was a lollypop & lots of napkins. The sandwich is messy to eat.

They take credit cards, I paid in cash.

Some tables/chairs outside. Best to take it to-go.

I love Ike's Place. Recommended.

Sun-Th 10-8
Fri-Sat 10-10


Ike's Place
3489 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

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  1. hhc - I can't believe you hadn't been there! :) Best sandwiches that I ever found in San Francisco.

    Yeah, the Paul Reubens is very good. Also anything with dirty sauce.

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    1. Go with the Eli Manning or Cowboy Curtis, they are my favorite!

      1. I tried it this weekend for the first time too! I had the MILF (#76) - shredded chicken, jalapeno poppers, "dirty sauce", ranch, and "Frank's Red Hot Sauce". It was really good. The ingredients kind of blend together into a big pile, so combinations that might not sound so good (especially 2 or 3 sauces blended together) turn out to be really good.

        I'd go back for some of the others, but I'll call ahead like I did last time - that seems like the way to go.

        Note: Ike's has a 2nd location in Redwood City and is about to open a 3rd in Palo Alto this summer.

        1. I'll also add that all of the sandwiches can be veggie and vegan-ized! Also, Ike's closes early on Mondays (around 4PM, I think).

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          1. re: rahir

            Yeah, that's another thing that surprises me about Ike's - usually, places with huge menus turn out not to be so good, offering lots of items to compensate for low quality (unlike places that just offer a few items but do them really well). Ike's is an exception to that.

            I'm already trying to figure out when I can drive across the bridge for another Ike's gut-bomb. I may have a problem.

            1. re: Agent 510

              "for another Ike's gut-bomb"

              Is there really more magic to Ike's than combining 3-4 types of flavorful fat on a sandwich with melted cheese in an oil-brushed pressed bun? I liked the taste, but I couldn't get over how greasy and salty everything was.

              1. re: SteveG

                I went back for a second visit, and I have to say the "Hella Fat Bastard" (ham, bacon, mozzarella sticks and extra "dirty sauce") was not the sandwich to address the above question. It was still good, though not quite as good as the first one.

                Sure, part of the appeal is that the sandwiches are grease orgies with 4-digit calorie counts, but I still think the bread sets them apart and the dirty sauce (which is just garlic aioli, but quite good) also helps.

          2. I love sandwiches, and I live in the Castro, so I had to try Ike's. My partner and I each ordered one of their special sandwiches. I had the one with barbecued beef and cheese, and he had another one that neither he nor I could remember. Neither of us thought that our sandwiches were anything special, especially considering the price and the waiting time. Although the freshly baked bread was a plus, I'd go to May's sandwich shop on 14th near Market any day over Ikes (for about half the price), if I feel like waiting in line for a sandwich. Some of the best pastrami, home-roasted rare beef, tuna and egg, and other sandwich combos.