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Nov 15, 2009 08:13 PM

Hearts and gizzards (mostly gizzards)

Hi everyone,
Tonight at the store I bought a pack of hearts and gizzards (mostly gizzards- that's what the pack says), partly because it was dirt cheap, partly because I like to experiment, and partly because I remember my mom used to make this delicious thing called "giblets and gizzards" that had like a brown, sugary sauce.
Can someone please give me a recipe similar to that, or another easy recipe I can use with these hearts and gizzards mostly gizzards?! :)

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  1. God, I love gizzards. Really, my favorite is to chicken-fry them, but I rarely do that, especially when I have a local place that makes them incredibly well.

    Braise them, which is probably what your mom did, though I can't really imagine what she used. Probably chicken stock, sugar and onions, if I had to bet.

    The varieties are endless, but they're delicious in tomatoes and red wine. I also like them with chicken stock, preserved lemons, briney green olives, onions and tons of garlic. Enrich with breadcrumbs about half an hour before they're done and serve over noodles. You really can't overcook them.

    Dang, I'm gonna have to do that one again soon. Unfortunately, I'm the only one in the house who'll eat them.

    1. I love gizzards grilled with yakitori sauce (basically soy sauce, mirin and sugar, boiled down).

      1. Score the gizzards, give them a bath in buttermilk for a couple of hours then fry like chicken...pass the hot sauce!