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Nov 15, 2009 08:10 PM

Immeasurable Chicken and Waffles: good flavors and still hot

Got taken to Immeasurable on W. Pratt Street in Baltimore by a fellow hound for a late breakfast. It was GOOD: we both had the signaure dish of freshly made, malty waffles and just out of the fryer, crunchy battered large chicken wings. With hot sace and syrup, this was down home heaven.

I wish I had ordered scrapple and ham too, as I know they would have been good. And I want to try some of the other six waffle flavors too. Need a bigger group so we can explore the menu, and get pie and cake too.

The place is in a somewhat shabby neighborhood near Monroe Street, but does not feel sketchy, and the place is lively and fun. I guess it's too late to drive over there now for a "Many Gain Waffle topped with sliced chicken breast topped with our special gravy" and a sweet potato pie?

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  1. Three of us went there today, bellies empty so we could test as many things as possible.
    The regular waffle is still def the best: both 'Many Gain' and bran muffins were sour and not worth finishing, and unlike the plain, come from an imported mix. The greens are really good, cooked an hour less than usual so you can still taste the plant they came from. Mac and cheese is really good, improved with their hot sauce.

    The chicken gravy over the waffle was magnificent, and the big fat wings were as good as last time. Just sorry we didn't have the spiced breast too. Unfortunately the turkey sausage and the beef link sausage were refries, which makes them too dry and chewy. No, too dry, though the beef had interesting flavor. Perhaps they are fresh and juicy in the morning? We liked the catfish hush puppies a lot, but the 'boneless bbq wings' were a waste of time and we ignored them.

    Desserts vary, depending on what they want to make: we shared the cranberry and orange cake with ice cream, though I had the lion's share. The cake was subtle, temptingly moist, not too sweet and very moreish. I would love to know the brand of ice cream: the mouthfeel said eggs but it wasn't French vanilla, and was I imagining a bit of lemon? Maybe, because by now we were stuffed, silly and bawdy, and our waiter only encouraged us.

    This place is great, and is open 7 days a week from morn to night: go and try it out!
    Also see review in today's City Paper 12/30/2009

    1. I visited the Immeasrable a couple of times. I've tried the chiken breast with gravy on waffle which was solid but not special but the fried wings are really are excellent. The waffle with strawberries tasted like a mix with jam. I expected a waffle topped with strawberries (maybe in season). The waffles are pretty good. I look forward to trying breakfest. The fried chicken looks great.

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        Jfish, The Charm City hounds ( is organizing an outing there next week.

      2. I'm with ya, Pal. Let me know when you're available.

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          The waffle outing is next Sunday. Go to for details and to reply.

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            Joined the Charm City Hounds for our outing today -- and we're stuffed!

            We ordered:

            Immeasurable Supreme – normally comes with grilled chicken; we requested fried chicken - & gravy & waffle
            2 orders 3 wings & waffle
            Catfish & grits
            Catfish dinner – includes 2 sides – we picked greens and mac & cheese
            French toast & home fries
            Extra sides – mac & cheese, greens, and sweet potatoes

            The portions are large but were no match for 7 hungry Chowhounds -- though I admit to being very full afterwards!

            We all really enjoyed the Immeasurable Supreme. When requesting fried chicken, you get 3 fried chicken tenderloins – seasoned in a flavorful spiced breading with a little bit of kick, and smothered in lots of lovely chicken gravy. The combination of the gravy and fluffy waffle was wonderful and despite being one that was new to me.

            I think our overall favorite at the table seemed to be the catfish – the fried catfish was moist and juicy, big thick fillets, and very flavorful with a crunchy breading. No soggy fish here. Topped with a bit of the house hot sauce (relatively mild), I think I almost cried as it reminded me of growing up in the south. The catfish that comes with the grits is also fried – same preparation as the fried catfish dinner. The grits were good but covered in a thick layer of melted butter. I like my grits with a little butter, but this was a little too much butter for me.

            The sides were wonderful – the greens delicious and savory, the mac & cheese nice and cheesy. The sweet potatoes were quite “candied”, covered with butter and brown sugar and maybe honey – very, very sweet.

            Two of our party ordered the Island Tea – their house combination of iced tea & fruit punch (like the bright red Hi-C kind of fruit punch). Despite being a tried & true southern sweet tea lover (I drink mine sweet like syrup) – the Island Tea was really sweet but my objection to it was more the fake-y tropical fruit flavors.

            Our table ordered a few slices of cake (Orange Cranberry and Coconut) to go as we were mostly stuffed. Hopefully Dining Dish will link to photos soon! Overall the price tag came to about $15 per person after tax and tip – quite affordable for the amount of food we got. Though we went on a Sunday and had heard how crazy it can get with the church crowd – we got there around 11am so beat the church rush. We had no trouble getting a table and there were no issues with service delays and indeed, we were in & out within a little over an hour. We loved the service – our server was friendly and helpful, warm and funny.

            I'd go back -- though the location in West Baltimore is out of the way for me, my two destination items would be the chicken with waffle and gravy (not the wings), and the catfish dinner.

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              If every a restaurant had spirit, soul and joy it is Immeasurable Chicken and Waffles. It is located on West Pratt Street, a bit off the beaten path of the downtown restaurant neighborhoods but worth the trip. A Sunday morning jaunt for breakfast with friends proved to be an enjoyable dining experience.

              Why Immeasurable?

              Let me explain the name Immeasurable, it is the name of a gospel group, three young ladies who also happen to own the restaurant and they are its soul. I would also say their catfish platter is immeasurable with the crispy moist filet, the greens, mac and cheese and hush puppies – every thing was perfect on this plate –but I digress. Back to the ladies of Immeasurable, at any given time you will find anyone or up to all three of the young ladies on the floor.

              Link to my photo slide show

              It must be the spirit of "Holly" Golightly

              Immeasurable Chicken and Waffles is a generous space, a big room with booths, counter and tables. As I eyeballed the interior I saw a large poster of Audrey Hepburn in character as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – it seemed out of place. When I questioned Victoria (Vicky T) Coleman, one of the Immeasurable singing group, she said it came with the place and they kept it. There is a juxtaposition here but I’m thinking the poster is more a good luck charm for these gals, breakfast being the key word.

              A big smile, a warm welcome and how can I help you?

              Two tables were pushed together to accommodate our table of six with the option that two more might be joining us. A young lady, our waitress greets us with a big smile, a very warm welcome and how can she help us. It was one of the young ladies from Immeasurable, Vicky T and Yanna (Ponytail) Foster was also waiting tables that morning. Vicky was just as cordial and helpful as anyone could be on a very busy Sunday morning and she impressed not only me but everyone at the table.

              Our crew was a mixed bag from two high school students to an executive for a large Maryland corporation. We are and were serious eaters that morning, wanting to try as much as possible – here is our order:

              Chicken and Waffles
              Wings and Waffles
              Fish and Grits
              Catfish Platter
              Fish and Grits
              French Toast & Egg
              Additional sides:
              Mac & Cheese
              Home Fries
              Dirty Island (Ice tea and fruit punch combo-very sweet
              )Orange Cranberry Cake
              Coconut Cake

              Vicky T thought we had ordered too much and I agree the plates were generous. The skinny one at our table, Michelle, couldn’t let it rest, it was like a gauntlet had been thrown down and she wanted to make sure we finished everything we ordered. Other than a couple crumbs, we rose to the challenge.

              Let’s talk about the food

              The majority of the recipes are family recipes from Vicky T, Ponytail and Ronnie Brooks the 3rd young lady in the trio. Let me state that family recipes are a good thing and so glad they are willing to share. This isn’t molecular gastronomy here; it is solid home-style food prepared with love and with passion.

              As I said earlier, the Catfish platter was number one amongst us with the Chicken and Waffles a close second. The mac and cheese, the greens and the hush puppies were clearly the side favorites.

              The chicken and waffles with the savory chicken gravy is great on its own but enhance it with some hot sauce and/or maple syrup. I didn’t taste the French toast but it got raves. There is a lot offered on the menu at fair and reasonable prices not just breakfast food, they offer much more. Here is a link to their menu – click HERE

              My only disappointment out of all the glorious food was the home fries; they were lackluster, no flavor. If you like buttery grits they have them though one in our party thought it was a bit too much butter BUT that becomes a personal preference and as they said on Seinfeld, “Not that there's anything wrong with that.”

              Special note: There is an AUTOMATIC 15% gratuity added to each check. These gals work hard so pop them and additional 5% when you are there.

              I missed meeting Ronnie Brooks the third Immeasurable, had she been there the three young ladies might have popped into song. We got to hear a bit of their music from their CD and their excellent and unique rendition of Amazing Grace. You can hear a couple of songs by Immeasurable at MySpace

              Dara’s prediction: You will be hearing more about Immeasurable Chicken and Waffles and the Immeasurable gospel group. I’m surprised the Food Network hasn’t found them yet…they will! They are beautiful, talented and they can cook in all senses of the word.

              Immeasurable Chicken and Waffles
              1700 W. Pratt Street
              Baltimore MD 21223
              410 483 8707
              Restaurant Hours
              Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m.–10 p.m.
              Friday-Saturday, 8 a.m.–3 a.m.
              Sunday, 8 a.m.–10 p.m