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Nov 15, 2009 08:09 PM

Year old frozen turkey

So, I'm a little embarrassed to post this question, but I have a turkey that has been sitting in our freezer for almost a whole year. Last year, my mother in-law kept on insisting that I take advantage of the grocery store turkey sales around thanksgiving and so I picked one up and it's been taking up freezer space ever since then.

Question... is it still safe to roast? Thanksgiving is going to be really low key this year since I'm expecting baby #2 really soon... no need to impress guests or in-laws. I'd feel bad just tossing it. Can I defrost it to make something else... oh, I dunno, enchiladas or a soup?


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  1. Here's you chance to be inventive! Try the deep fried with Cajun spices. How about doing it on the barbecue. The turkey is ok after spending time in the deep freeze, and since you are not going to be entertaining, try something new and different.

    1. Supermarket turkey is usually sealed in plastic so it keeps longer that stuff you just put in the freezer. After you defrost it (in the fridge, takes about 2-3 days), take the plastic wrap off, if it looks and smells fine, it is, and fine to roast. If parts of it look freezer burnt you can cut them off and use the rest for soup or whatever. If it smells bad I'd toss it and not use it for soup either.

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        1. Intending to make stock at a later date, I once froze a roasted turkey carcass and immediately forgot about it. The stock I eventually made about a year later was disgusting, so I threw the whole lot in the harbour. The crabs loved it!

          1. The turkey should be fine; I buy a couple of turkeys when on sale and save them in my deep freezer for later. I cooked one last year that was in my freezer for a year at Thanksgiving and it was delicious. As long as it has not been thawed or had any temperature changes while frozen, it should be ok