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Nov 15, 2009 07:50 PM

Great new Indian restaurant in Guadalajara

For anyone struggling to find an authentic Indian restaurant in Mexico, there's a hot new contender in Guadalajara. We just stumbled across Little India on 15/Nov/2009, and it's the best Indian restaurant we've encountered in more than a year living in Mexico. It's apparently only been open 12 days, and is well worth a visit.

Address: Miguel de Cervantes #149, between Lopez Cotilla and La Paz; Colonia Minerva, Guadalajara. Tel: 52 33 3630 9315, Cel: 044 33 1471 4486

We started off with chicken samosas (~60 pesos) which were light and delicious. Main courses, which range from 80 - 130 pesos, included chicken tikka masala and chicken korma (only beef korma was on the menu, but they happily accomodated our request), which came with basmati rice. All of the dishes were tender and had a lovely balance of nuanced spicyness without being over the top. Garlic naan was amazing. Dessert included pistachio ice cream and kheer (rice pudding) - both fantastic. With mango lassis and water, the bill came to an extremely reasonable 400 pesos or so.

The service was very good and the owner, Raj Singh, was friendly and hospitable (and speaks English). The Indian decor was simple, with very pretty light fixtures and the requisite Indian music videos playing on a single unobtrusive TV. Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. The price structure seems a bit high, but if someone has enough of a craving for the "real thing", I guess whatever the price charged is it's a "deal."

    1. I wanted to go to to that restaurant, but it is hard to find a parking space.
      I guess the prices seem ok.
      There is another Indian restaurant where you can also get a good deal for authentic Indian food. It is called Goa and it is in Lopez Cotilla 1520. I heard they got a new tandoori oven, so you cant miss that.

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        ThankĀ“s for recommending Goa. We had lunch there yesterday, it was a great and relaxed meal, the ingredients are authentic, (first time a see a green cardamon pod) and the prices are o.k.

      2. Thank you for the review! I went to Little India and followed some of your lunch recommendations, but was unable to meet Mr. Raj Singh.

        1. The original comment has been removed