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Nov 15, 2009 06:55 PM

Jackie's in SS with Frank Morales

After having two mediocre meals and terrible service at Jackie's in the year or so after it opened, I had pretty much decided I wasn't going back. That was until I heard Frank Morales of Rustico had taken over as Exec. Chef. I had enjoyed a couple of meals at Rustico and was eager to see how and if Jackie's food had changed.
The verdict: Dinner at Jackie's last night was delicious. I had the crispy Crispy Hudson Valley duck leg and sausage with turnips and mandarin oranges. wonderful flavor and textures. My husband had the root vegetable and cornmeal cake with tomato, forest mushrooms and pickled peppers, which he loved.
Jackie's had pretty much received great reviews in the press but not from any of my friends who dined there. I hope to spread the word that it is now worth another try.

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  1. We went to Jackie's a couple of nights ago. The food was fantastic. The 6 course tasting menu for $45 was an exceptional bargain. Since I don't particularly like salmon unless it is smoked or loxed, I asked if it could be substituted with something else. The server said the chef would substitute the scallops if I wished. I did.

    The service was efficient, friendly, and very good. We sat in the back alcove where it is a bit quieter and had no problem with talking to each other. We will definitely be back as this is three trips in a row where we had a fantastic meal.