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Blackcurrants in Vancouver or West Kootenays

celestica Nov 15, 2009 06:46 PM

Looking to buy a flat (20 lbs. or more) of blackcurrants when in season. Either near Nelson/Castlegar/Slocan Valley or as close to where the Fraser River meets the Ocean as possible (inlaws can bring them here when they visit). Could be 20 lbs. frozen too.

No-one in the Kootenays grows these for sale, as far as I can tell after living here 2 years. I'd love to make blackcurrant syrup, jam, and whatever have you...I grew up on Ribena and miss the flavour.

I found a grower in the Fraser Valley but they just sell commercially and are not interested in selling 20 lbs.

  1. fmed Nov 15, 2009 08:33 PM

    I haven't a clue where to find Blackcurrants, but I know a few places where you can get Ribena (T&T, Donald's, etc).

    1. m
      mlgagnon Nov 15, 2009 09:49 PM

      Post next summer on your local craigslist or freecycle, there may be someone near you with a few plants that they are not picking. Or plant a few bushes.

      I was able to get red currants (I declined the black ones) at a local blueberry farm. It was a u-pick farm and they had a few currant bushes off to one side. They did not sell them and anyone could have them for the picking.

      Not 20# and in the Cowichan Valley.

      1. Jamie Maw Apr 10, 2010 12:09 PM

        Hard to come by in the Okanagan, although red currants and the finicky Saskatoonberry are in abundance.

        But here's a thought - Naramata's Elephant Island winery has a superb Black Currant wine that's like Ribena dressed as Lady Gaga. At $15.99 it's a bargain too - and very good with lamb, as we found out last summer. You can order it directly from their website or from the farm gate.

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        1. re: Jamie Maw
          Georgia Strait Jan 24, 2011 06:15 PM

          just browsing and came across the Elephant Island recommendation. We second this recommendation without hesitation. The family, the setting, the helpful staff, the lovely shaded patio with the "kid zone" - the whole concept is wonderful. They haven't' ripped out all the traditional orchards and put in "lifestyle" grapes - this is one of the main reasons we buy pretty much only from Elephant Island in Naramata - because they have kept some of the "old" okanagan - the blossoms, fruit trees, and low-key friendliness. A must see. They have a good website with directions. I believe some of their products are avail in select wine shops in Vanc area.

        2. a
          acbrooks Apr 10, 2010 04:57 PM

          I go berry picking every year at Emma Lea Farms on Westham Island (Ladner), and black currants available for U-pick in July usually.
          They also sell most of their berries already picked (for a bit higher price), although I can't remember if I've seen black currants pre-picked (I'm usually there for straw, rasp and blueberries).
          Hope this helps!

          1. a
            acbrooks Apr 10, 2010 04:59 PM

            can't figure out why it posted twice, sorry!

            1. s
              studentslibrarian Apr 12, 2010 11:32 AM

              When in season-late June/early July- try the-Driediger Farms-outside of Langley BC-they are a u-pick place and would probably sell the 20lbs. you are looking for.
              E-Mail: bestberries@driedigerfarms.com

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