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Nov 15, 2009 05:23 PM

Need fine restaurant recommendation for special occasion birthday in Charleston SC

We are from San Diego and are flying to Kiawah Island June 2010 for a special birthday and need a recommendation for fine dining for a group of 15.

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  1. Check out my Jul 22, 2009 post under "Fine Dining for Birthday". Still think Peninsula Grill would be memorable. McCrady's good choice too. If atmosphere is less important but very inventive food is what your birthday boy or girl would like I would try Fig. Chef Lata won the regional James Beard award in 2009. You could also check out the restaurant at the Sanctuary at Kiawah. I've never eaten there but it is fine dining and it would knock out the need to transport 15 people to Charelston. If you'll be here the first week of June you may want to book early because I think the Spoleto Festival goes through that week and all places will be slammed. Good luck.

    McCrady's Restaurant
    2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC 29401

    Peninsula Grill
    112 N Market St, Charleston, SC 29401

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      Excellent rec from By the Sea.I have been with birthday groups to FIG and Peninsula Grill and had great exo\periences each time. I would add High Cotton to the list.

      Peninsula Grill
      112 North Market Street, Charleston, SC 29401

      1. re: By the Sea

        What about Cypress (or was it Cypress Grill)?

        Cypress Grill
        1520 Stewart St, Jamesville, NC 27846

        1. re: burgeoningfoodie

          My 30 year old son reports that an acquaintance of his recommends Magnolia's. Any comments?

          1. re: ewandad

            It's excellent as well, although I haven't been there in 2 years, so my rec is old.