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Nov 15, 2009 05:14 PM

Any German restaurants in the Hartford area?

I've a hankering for some schnitzel and sausage and potato pancakes and.. Whatever else might be found in these types of places. Edelweiss is long gone, and I can't find anything else in the area. Help?

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  1. Is Bethel near hartford?

    If so here is a place:

    I"ve never been, but when I saw your post I remember a post from here probably from last year, I remember book marking the site, and I found it.

    Good luck, and if you get there hope it is good.

    Maybe who ever posted the original link will post back with feedback.

    1. East Side Restaurant in New Britain. Only been once, and I'm not a German food expert, so I can't say whether it's authentic or not. All I can say is that my meal was decent. Plus, they have a guy who plays the accordion who walks around the dining areas.

      1. The East Side is a good restaurant ,, it serves as authentic german food as you can get in this area, I have eaten there a few times in the past and have found the food to be very good.. ( Take a look at there web site.. Earle

        1. East Side is pretty good, a little pricey and a little kitschy, but good.
          Old Heidelberg is excellent, but not close to Hartford, bethel is a good hour down 84 from hartford, but on a weekend might be worth the trip.

          1. Ditto East Side. Ignore the silly billboard ads. There's even one (billboard) on Rt. 20 past Sturbridge on the way to Wooster, MA. You have been warned by posters here, it's tacky and silly- like Disney World. Food is good, but not great; go for the atmosphere. Jeffrey Steingarten would have a field day slamming this place.

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              I have found East Side in New Britain to be very good and did not think it was high priced at all. The decor is a bit much but still not bad. I really did like it. Jay