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Nov 15, 2009 05:06 PM

Italian in Miami: Scarpetta and Sardinia

I heard about two new restaurants in Miami/Miami Beach and looking for any reviews on food and cost: Scarpetta and Sardinia. Can anyone help out with addresses also?

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  1. I like both of them. Sardinia is more of a neighborhood joint with a focus on Italian dishes from the Sardinian region of Italy (duh). Ive had many a great meal there and pricing is decent. Usually can get outta there for ~$50/person depending on what you go for food/drink wise. Its located on Purdy Ave in Miami Beach. Google it for the exact address or visit their website. Scarpetta is inside the Fontainebleau hotel on Collins Ave at about 50th street of so. Again, Google it. While I've only had one meal there, I found the food and service to be fantastic and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Pricing is more expensive than Sardinia, maybe about $65-75/person depending on what you get.

    You can also search the Florida board here on Chowhound for more posts and comments on each restaurant.