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Nov 15, 2009 04:59 PM

6-qt Kirkland dutch oven - $50

Has anyone else seen the enameled dutch oven at Costco? It's a maroon color, 6-qt size, with a metal knob on top. For $50, it was a deal I couldn't pass up.

We used it this weekend to braise a chuck roast and it did a lovely job. Clean up was easy, too.

I know sometimes Costco puts the Kirkland name on "name brands"... anyone know if that's the case with the dutch oven?

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  1. It's unlikely this was a renamed Branded product. I assume it's made in China? THe buyers have worked with factory to build this to some specifications they've developed. It's likely been developed to a standard comparable to LC or Staub(though not in France I'm guessing) but not made by them. I've seen these but haven't looked closely at them.

    For the price sounsd like a good deal though. Glad you're happy with it!

    (Former costco buyer so am pretty familiar with how the process works....this is the normal process for this type of item. If it's made in France then i'd guess Staub is making it for them but for that price I'd be surprised, even with Costco quantities, if they could pull htat off out of France).

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      Could it be possible that this unique specification for Costco is the color or the size, rather than the construction? I'd imagine it would be awfully expensive if this is a one-time production. It looks an awful lot like the Mario Batali line.

      1. re: RGC1982

        Entirely possible its made by a Copco factory. If it's made in China that would actually be my guess. Copco makes the MB stuff. I dont' really consider that name brand however. I was thinking LC or Staub when the OP suggested a name brand. To me things like Mario Batali is similar to private label stuff at least in terms of how it's developed, where it's produced, the types of margins on them, etc.

        I would hope however, being familiar both with most Chinese cast iron and the Costco development process, that the buyers have really worked to make sure the enamel doesn't chip easily like a lot of the less expensive pieces do. That's where they can really make a difference at this price point. The MB is a bit better for chipping than other Chinese product but the one I bought my mom a couple years ago is showing some chips where as my LC pieces have none after many many years of service. Fortunately there's that great Costco return policy if it does end up chipping like mad.

        1. re: ziggylu

          I'm more worried about swallowing Chinese enamal then the $50 return to Costco, if you know what I'm saying (maybe unfounded concern though ....)

        2. re: RGC1982

          It does look remarkably similar to Mario Batali's line, with the shiny metal knob on top (instead of ceramic or plastic), but there's a ridge around the lid that isn't on his ovens. The lid is self-basting, too...

          The tag does say it's made in China... seems to be imported by most of the international Costco stores, too.

          Either way, it's performed well and hasn't chipped so far (with the banging in and out of the oven and being washed, etc). We'll see how it holds up in the long run. I have another 4-qt made by Innova and it hasn't chipped in the last 3 years.

          1. re: leanneabe

            leanneabe, any update re: the enamel of the Costco dutch oven?

        3. re: ziggylu

          I wasn't really thinking that LC and Staub were the only "name brands".... I was considering Rachel Ray's line, Mario Batali, Martha Stewart, Lodge, etc.

          1. re: ziggylu

            I went to Costco with BF today and in the search for a possible deal on Le Creuset, I ran across Kirkland French ovens for about $69 or so. It's made in France.

          2. It was pretty -- I saw it today. I already own a ton of these things, but I would definitely try it if I was in the market for a new one. Most likely a rebranded item from major manufaturer.

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            1. re: RGC1982

              no, actually as I mentioned most likely not a rebranded item from a major manufacturer. If I had to guess I'd say one of the factories Copco uses to make similar types of items. We weren't looking at cast iron back when I was there so I can't say for sure where it's being made but I do know well how the product development process works.

            2. You like it and comes with the Costco warranty what could be better.

              1. Just thought I'd bump this, as I just saw the dutch oven in my Costco and bit. 6 quarts and a nice deep red. I didn't see it last year. It is definitely not LC or Staub quality (my lid has enamel defects) but for the price, heck, it's worth a shot. Metal knob, too!

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                1. re: Vetter

                  It's so heavy! I've lifted it with lid in place -- it's so heavy empty. Even so, I've considering buying it. Guess if I hate it, I can return it.

                2. If anyone buys this and has some feedback after you've used it a bit, I'd like to hear your comments. Thanks.

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                  1. re: The Loaf

                    Gave one to friends last year for Christmas - they love it and use it constantly. However just recently they've noticed a tiny chip. You get what you pay for but I still think it's a good deal.