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Nov 15, 2009 04:38 PM

San Pablo Alert !!! Starbread Bakery Filipino holiday dishes AND fresh hot senorita bread

I've had the senorita bread at the Vallejo bakery but never right out of the oven ... to be trite but accurate ... OMG !!! ... !!!

These little cigar-shaped rolls about twice the size of a lady finger and just as delicate ... right out of the oven are flaky, yeasty goodness sprinkled with sugar and oozing salty butter in the center. Here's a photo from their website

They have some pre-packaged and not warm, but the window said "fresh hot" so I asked and was told if I wait two minutes some would be out shortly. Seriously, wait for them right from the oven. This is one hot senorita..

To tell you the truth for all the times I drive by the Vallejo location, I only stopped one more time. However, with the San Pablo location I will probably be a regular.

There was a sign for honey baked ham next to the shelves with bags of pan de sal. I asked and was told they would have take-home dishes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. They will post the menu one week before those holidays.

This is a product expansion from their other locations which include South San Francisco and Fairfax. The lady at the shop said the other locations had so many other nearby Filipino restaurants and shops they limited what they sold.

The bakery case today also had coconut tarts, ensaymada with cheese, bean hopia, bread pudding, pichi-pichi, malta blanc, palitaw and buns filled with chicken or pork. They had some sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves. I don't think those were the suman I tried at the Vallejo, but if they are I'd warn those are an aquired taste. Here's the post about the Vallejo location. Thanks again to joshsquared for the tip on that location

The pricing is different than Vallejo. It starts with five for $2, ten for $4 ... on up to 60. I think there are some price breaks as you buy more.

They open at 6 am everyday and this would be a great thing to pick up on the drive to work. Do plan to place the paper bag of senorita bread in something like a plastic grocery bag. The butter oozed through the bags and saturated some paper towels I placed underneath.

This is in the small strip mall near the hospital and just down the street from Lucky's. It replaces the really, really meh Brothers Pizza.

Starbread Bakery
3718 Sonoma Blvd, Vallejo, CA 94590

Starbread Bakery
13501 San Pablo Ave, San Pablo, CA 94806

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  1. thanks for the report. Not a big fan of star bread...more of a vallerios guy...but, i'll probably give it another try.

    1. Wow, those senorita breads sound drool-worthy!

      The closest Filipino bakery to me is Sisters, but I've been disappointed the one or two times I've tried them. They seemed to have used far too much baking powder/soda, because their items always seem too sharp-astringent to me. But perhaps I should give them another try...

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      1. re: sairuh

        Dang it, cannot quickly figure out how to insert a link. It's the Sisters Bakery in Sunnyvale, on the corner of El Camino and Hollenbeck.

        1. re: sairuh

          I've been to Sisters once or twice a few years ago, and I remember the breads as being passable, but uninteresting. On the other hand, the garlic fried peanuts were delicious and I've been meaning to return for those. Thanks for reminding me!

      2. thank you for the post! we worship at the altar of seniorita bread, though for most other stuff we love valerio's. where is the starbread bakery in south city? we live in SF so we only get senioritas if we go to Vallejo or if a friend brings it down for us.

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        1. re: sfkusinera

          It is located inside of Ling Nam Noodle House on Gellert. It seems they gave half their space to Starbread. If you go and think of it could you ask if they keep the same hours as the restaurant. That would mean they are open 24 hours on Fri-Sat. This would only be worth it if they are baking that bread all night.

          Looking at yelp, it seems that the bread is filled with butter (possibly margerine) and baked. So that empty hole in the center was filled with butter originally. Someone mentioned sweetened condensed milk might be involved.Somone there called it a Filipino donut but if you think about it ... more of a Filipino croissant.

          Anyway stopped by the Vallejo location today. They had chicken empanadas ($1.50) which I liked. It was more peas and carrots than diced chicken, but still good. The pastry was good and had a nice golden egg wash.

          Still ... this place is about the Senorita bread hot from the oven.

          They should sell the bread unbaked so you could pop it into your oven at home and have it fresh from the oven ... I think you could achieve a similar result by wrapping a Pillsbury cressant roll around a lump of butter and then sprinkling with sugar.

          Starbread Bakery
          2211 Gellert Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94015

          1. re: rworange

            Interesting. I saw a Fairfield location on the website but didn't notice San Pablo or SSF.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              They seem to be opening more locations. Based on the 'first to review' date on Yelp, the SSF location opened in March 2009. I just noticed the new place in San Pablo Sunday. I was first clued in on the SSF location from the staff at SP.

          2. re: sfkusinera

            As rworange said, it's inside the Ling Nam restaurant. I was just there a couple of weeks ago to eat a Filipino breakfast (for lunch! haha), and on my way out I ordered 15 pieces of senorita bread. I ate like half of it on my way home to the East Bay! =P

          3. >Fairfax<

            Where there, or did you mean Fairfield?

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            1. i stopped by the san pablo store today to try out their breads. The senorita bread is essentially filipino spanish bread, something i ate quite a bit of growing up. There are differences in how spanish bread is made....some have filling, some are flakier or harder crusts....some are like how star bread makes it.


              I also tried their pan de sal. Not that great, in my opinion. Too doughy. It's smaller yet the same price as Valerio's pan de sal.