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Nov 15, 2009 03:37 PM

an option to the Oak Park Marion st cheese (and other items) market near Evanston?

we recently picked up our CSA meat share at the Marion st cheese market and we were smitten.
IMy name is Marion and it really is the "marion market";)
what we loveds: the great selection of cheeses (domestic: I seem to find all my french favorites at whole foods but somehow domestic is always harder). the bread, the BEER selection and beer club as well as the growler, the wine, the housewares were fun to look at ..and the staff friendly if not always very knowledgable.
PROBLEM: we live in Evanston and the drive to Oak Park is just too far
Anyone knows of other places we should check out?
My hubby especially like the great selection of beer and the possibility to buy mix and match packs. I liked the idea of the monthly clubs and supporting a local business rather than shopping for my cheese at wholefoods (not that there is anything wrong with that :)..)

we will be checking out Fox and Obel soon too.

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  1. The Evanston area has a lot of great food shops (e.g. the Spice House for spices, Zier's for meats) but the cheese shops are merely good, not great. The best cheese shops in the area are Whole Foods (both locations on Chicago Ave), Foodstuffs on Central Street, and Schaefer's in Skokie.

    Further from Evanston are two places in Chicago with a bigger selection of cheeses. Fox & Obel, which you mention, is wonderful for cheeses and lots of other items. If you drive there, you should be aware that they have very convenient free parking for F&O shoppers in the garage of the high-rise across the street; just follow the signs. I've also heard excellent things about Pastoral, a cheese shop in Chicago, but have not been there yet.

    For beer, again, Whole Foods has an okay selection; otherwise, Binny's on Dempster in Skokie probably has the best selection in the Evanston area. Schaefer's is also worth checking out, especially on Saturdays when they do their tastings.

    Website links:
    Spice House -
    Zier's -
    Whole Foods -
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    Fox & Obel -
    Pastoral -
    Binny's -