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Nov 15, 2009 03:25 PM

Knoxville/Maryville TN - Thanksgiving restaurants

Hi there! Visiting my parents for the holiday and everyone has decided not to cook! Am looking for some good options for the holiday dinner - would prefer to avoid chains, but if its a "local chain" and worth it, that would be fine. We are pretty adventurous, but probably want to stick to at least partially traditional since I know dad will want turkey. So - would appreciate suggestions that are not restaurants where we forget its Thanksgiving!


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  1. Odd name but good place - Big Fatty's on Kingston Pike in bearden. Don't dress up but plan to have all the traditional fixings.Puleo's is great. Several locations - one new one across from west Town Mall on Morrell. Not sure if they are open.

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      Awesome - thanks for the quick reply! We have tried Puleo's once and enjoyed it! Will check out Big Fatty's.