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Nov 15, 2009 03:13 PM

Ottawa Christmas

I am headed to Ottawa for Christmas but the family we have there are not set-up to cook or host a large gathering.

Where would be a good restaurant or hotel to have Christmas dinner?

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  1. I would start with the Wilfrid Laurier hotel or the Lord Elgin for traditional Christmas fare.

    Elgin Cafe
    100 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K1P5K8, CA

    Lord Elgin Restaurant
    , Port Elgin, ON N0H, CA

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    1. re: cheesymama

      Thanks I will check out both of these

    2. Les Fougeres in the Gatineau Hills -- worth the drive.

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      1. re: m4240z

        It looks like it is closed on Christmas. But it looks like it is worth trying out some other night we are there

        1. re: iamam

          The Wilfrid Laurier hotel referred to in the first reply is actually the Fairmont Chateau Laurier. There is information on their website about Christmas dinner. I believe that there are two types: a buffet and a sit-down dinner. The hotel is located in the centre of Ottawa.

          You might also want to consider the Brookstreet Hotel if your relatives are located in Kanata. Check their website for menus.

          Winter weather in Ottawa is unpredictable, so take that into consideration when you are booking. Enjoy!